Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Notes on Christian Baal Worship Today

I was checking the Archives of "The Commandments of Men" blog and stumbled on this written back in July of 2010. Now this is in relation to the patriarchy movement that has swept through the home school movement and which is now making it's way into main stream Christianity.

Please note that while the stark example of patriarchy given by Lewis is pretty extreme, the more subtle, softer patriarchy and chauvinism/misogyny promoted by Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill is just as destructive, perhaps even more so due to the fact that it is only about half as extreme as the expression Lewis describes.

But still, the worship of Baal (Master) is there. Women are not allowed outside the box that their masters, or Baals (the men, Mark in particular) have built for them. Women not submitting to Baal worship or worship of men are called Satanic.

Some may call this connection a bit extreme. All I have to say is that Christian teaching that promotes the fear of men or puts men's cultural preferences over and above the freedom offered by Christ,... calling that teaching Baal worship once in a while might get someone's attention and help them realize the severity of the issue.

We are to preach Jesus Christ and Him crucified. We are not to add our own prejudices and cultural preferences to it and call that part of the Gospel. In doing this, we mix in bitter waters to the Living Water and contaminate it.


Kristen said...

Good point. It's ironic that patriarchalists will so often accuse those who disagree with them of "capitulating to modern culture," when it is they who are walking in a capitulation to culture that the Church fell into around 350 AD and has never left.

Mara Reid said...

Yeah, the capitulating to culture and the assumptions made concerning divine order are both very maddening arguments.