Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Result of Striping Women of Their Power

Women have many powers. One is (along side men) reproduction. Another is her sexuality.

Apparently men in churches fear these powers and try to control them. Some to a greater degree than others.

Personally, I have always felt in control of and in power over my own body and sexuality. Fortunately, I have always believed that if and when I had children, they would be just as much mine as my husband's.

But I'm seeing that my experience is not what all women have experienced. And I get shocked all over again whenever I see the damaging effects of striping women of their power, their boundaries, and of their very personhood in the name of God.

Bedroom Submission, Birth Control, and Tokophobia by Sierra is just such a shock to my system and reminds me again why I blog.

Some women are actually trapped in the name of God, by men who want to control and abuse. I get so tired of God being portrayed this way. I, along with many others, can't stand by quietly and allow the goodness of God to be continually smeared by evil, self-serving men.

(will get to the toddler property laws, hopefully soon.)

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