Friday, November 22, 2013

Driscoll in over his head with Mefferd

Yep, He tried to side step, take the moral high ground, attack Mefferd... Whatever he could do to throw her off her confrontation concerning another allegation of Plagiarism. But he found she was way tougher than he bargained for. And she had the moral high ground from the get go. There was no way he could take it from her. So he just hung up before the interview was over. Quite the manly man, that Driscoll (snort).

Mefferd confronts Driscoll's theft of intellectual property and wins debate.


Hannah said...

Mara - check it out and see if you 'hear' the difference...or am I all wet!

I listened to the youtube version of the interview, and then listened to the extra 2 minute interview.

The youtube version Janet is clear as a bell with the audio, and yet the 2 minutes segment that is used to show he didn't hang up?

She isn't, and they both sound like they are on cell phones.

I wonder if Mark was recording also - can't blame him there - and then uploaded his own version.

He lost credibility with me in that sense when I saw the video of him at the MacDonald's show - where he told the church they could have his books as a gift. Then goes on twitter stating they confiscated them. I mean they have video of him 'offering the books', and then they states they stole them.

If you are willing to stoop that low? Can't even admit your error when you are caught on video? I wouldn't put it past him that he placed his own recording online - and claims she was ignoring him...and he didn't hang up.

Mara Reid said...

I'll definitely want to listen to it. Do you have a link?

Hannah said...

Here you go!