Tuesday, November 26, 2013

More Driscoll Plagerism

Mefferd is at it again. She is holding Driscoll's feet to the fire.

Driscoll is guilty of plagiarism. It needs to be fixed.

People are smearing Mefferd for pointing out the problem. The people smearing her are screwed in the head. She's not the problem. She's pointing out the problem. Plagiarism.

Those who can, stand with Mefferd as she stands for what is right.

Here is the link to her show today where she further exposes the ridiculous amount of plagiarism going on in the Mars Hill world.

Mefferd Radio Show 11/26/2013 part 2. Driscoll is guilty.


Hannah said...

That is what Koolaid drinkers do. Sadly.

They make up their realities, instead of dealing with them. We all have had our hearts broken at times, and we have all been disappointed.

It seems they are quick to remind everyone we are human, but when the errors we make as humans pop up?

Some people just don't do so well.

Hannah said...

I have to throw this in there....

"But he's my FRIEND!"

Legally, not an excuse but he still goes with it.

Mara Reid said...

I know!

I couldn't believe how many times Driscoll kept saying, "But he's my friend!"

I was getting comical... And annoying.

Hannah said...

If you look closely? When one celebrity pastor gets burned for behavior NOT becoming of a pastor? The Godly men and he is my friend speeches come out. No acknowledgement of the sin - just what 'swell' guy he is! Sure, they pull the 'everyone sins' part on occasion....yet never enough and especially if it has consequences.

Yes, very annoying.