Friday, November 29, 2013

Plagiarism, More from Mefferd

Here is her show from Wednesday, if anyone hasn't heard it yet.

Janet Mefferd on Driscoll's plagiarism.

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Hannah said...

He won't be held accountable. He stole his 'friends' material. You know how that song and dance goes.

You know what I find unbelievable? Doug Philip's friends are praying because he is 'unrepentant', and they are very open about that fact. I think that group is more dangerous overall, and yet are more open about the 'sins' of the leader.

Its rather mind blogging to me.

I guess one group is surprised that the leader of the Koolaid drinkers isn't following his own advice he would have for others. The second group is silent, because that's how it goes. They only get 'loud' when it comes to others.