Sunday, November 10, 2013

Stealthy Attacks on Womanhood

Or perhaps a better way of saying it is... Greeks bearing gifts attacks... or Trojan horse attacks.

Because this is what American Evangelicals subject themselves when they embrace the little-by-little infiltration of groups like Vision Forum and men like Doug Wilson.

When American Evangelicals embrace VF, ATI, or Doug Wilson, they are receiving that which will destroy them and their credibility.

Thanks to A Woman's Freedom in Christ for the heads up on the comment I'm about to link. The comment highlights how overbearingly oppressive and unchristian groups like VF really are. So many are sweeping Doug Phillips indiscretions and resignation under the rug when they should be examining more closely the doctrine of his group that hands out oppression to women and children while setting men up as Lords and Kings in their home. There doctrine allows men to arbitrarily make life miserable or bearable according to their mode, personality, and disposition. And this doctrine forces women and children to stay in situations that are abusive and not fit for animals.

Here is the comment of someone who has studied these groups.

Bee Keeper's Study of Patriarchy

We must stand against both the brazen attacks of Doug Wilson and Tim Challies on womenhood and the sneaky movement coming from those trying to make Vision Forum more mainstream.

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