Monday, January 11, 2010

Knowing God, 3

The following is the definition of Eternal Life:

John 17:3 And this is eternal life, that they many know Thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom Thou hast sent.

John 17:3 are words in red in my Bible in a sea of red words uttered by our Savior and First Love. John chapters 14, 15, 16, and 17 are nearly exclusively red with a verse in black thrown in here and there. In my Bible John 17 is given the title "The High Priestly Prayer". And it is Jesus praying to the Father. It is in this prayer that we find this divine definition of Eternal Life.

Knowing God IS Eternal Life.

No wonder Moses asked God to let him know Him. No wonder Hosea urges the children of Israel to press on to know Him.
And remember the scripture in our December 9th post? (Personal Study/Journey)

John 5:39 You search the scriptures because you think in them you have eternal life; and in is these that bear witness of Me;
vs 40 and you are unwilling to come to me that you may have life.

This world is full of death. And there are those that hate us, either because we are Christian or women or both. There is one who wants to steal from, kill and destroy us and will use anyone he can to do the job, even misguided Christians. But Jesus came that we might have Life and have it more abundantly. (John 10:10)

Knowing God IS eternal life.
So press on to know Him. The more you know Him here, the more life you have, the higher you can ascend, the more you can do to make a real difference and share the Lover of our souls, the source of eternal life, with others.


JaneDoeThreads said...

And to KNOW God, to KNOW "LOVE"

you have to Dump the Toxic Religion we know of today as 'Christianity'.

And IT IS 'toxic'. On this, I am now convinced...

but it took many things for me to Really see it...and the last 'clincher' for me, other than the whole 'worship of submission death cult' taking over Minds today,

was in none other than something really simple: art.

I couldn't help but notice, though I did deny it as to 'not offend God' [so I thought at the time, ironically it was Jesus pointing this out to me] -- that on All the blogs I've researched for inspiration for my non-profit [oriented] business---how much of the beauty was created by women who are Pagan or just not 'religious'...

and when I saw the typical Christian woman art blog--it was Death, dull, little creative SPARK, colorless, drab, and what few artworks there was, were more craft like you see from small children--in other words, they were EXTREMELY STUNTED, in creative juices.

I thought, at first, ok I'm just being prejudice--but NO, I wasn't, the difference is Glaringly obvious--and under the Submission-Patriarchal Religion of today, its no wonder, women's Souls are being destroyed, little by little. They resemble Islamic women, more and more...there were Two exceptions to this rule---however both of those women Had degrees in art-textiles, but even Then, you could tell, that they were somehow limited, in expression....Compared to women who are not caught up in all the misogynist submission - religious Garbage.

And it made me Angry, really Angry, at Jesus, inside my heart I screamed at Him, why should we Care if we go to Heaven, by the time we get there, we're void and dead soul wise Anyway...are you That jealous God? I asked that...

on top of other numerous questions and its funny because then, like He does, He begins to show me His life on earth--what He did, exactly, His life giving to all those who are His in His Word, and you know, not once, was He a Thief.

And while I see the 'worship of things made by human hands' rather than God, sure, on many of these blogs--I couldn't help notice, the glaring difference, on the beauty that the Soul can see--IF, IF IT HASN'T BEEN STAMPED TO DEATH IN THEM.

Then, I had to ask, OK Jesus, then What IS Love? Why is Christianity so Toxic today? And the latter days, Love will grow Cold due to Iniquity...most don't KNOW LOVE today because of Iniquity, workers of iniquity...we attribute Hate to God. Not Love. Yesterday, another thing came to me...on What is Love...Beware of the Leaven of the Pharisees AND of Herod, Jesus said. What, pre tell, is the Leaven of Herod and it came to me, Hedonist Love--Sexual Love, based on lust--using people, women, children, loving 'wisdom' of carnal, and the Pharisees, seeing the Hate rather than Love and Mercy...Neither, knows God.

A 'little leaven, leavens the Entire Lump', Today, the doctrines of 'religion', of Christianity, are So leavened, they are Toxic.

To Know God, one has to remove the leaven from their life, from their mind, from their soul...because if we don't,

like in our art, our souls, will become decayed, and most of all, without color, joy, creativity, beauty and Stunted.


JaneDoeThreads said...

And the thing have to Question, I see that too---more and more though I felt so guilty and fearful For questioning God. But you get to the point if one is seeing the horrors of the world and how one act feeds the horror to others across the globe, that you don't Care anymore,

the cliche answers just don't cut it. That is where you begin to see the Difference between Religion and Spirituality, in Truth.

Religion is nothing more than philosophy with God thrown in.

Carnal Wisdom, Paul said, why ye say we are followers of such and such, that this was carnal---taking 'parts' out of the whole and making whole doctrines out of them...Religions.

Totally Missing it, what LOVE is, Love feeds the hungry, clothes the naked, visits the prisoner...Love feeds 5,000, heals broken bodies and minds, delivers the captives, the Minute we get our eyes off of God in This---we are out of Christ and into Religion---philosophy with God thrown in.

Love raises the Dead, not worships Death. [today's Christianity worships Death, self-abnegation, self-hate, indifference to other's suffering, Tim, men will be 'lovers of themselves', lovers of Islam, worship of death is quick, in Christianity, worship of death is slow, torturous, and Both--thrive on killing women. Why, because Women carry biologically [or can] LIFE. Satan comes to kill, steal, destroy, the Opposite of LIFE. Having a 'form of godliness but Denying the Power thereof...God has NOT given us a spirit of Fear but of Love, Power and a Sound Mind.

Jesus comes to give Life--today's Christianity has perverted the 'death' that Paul speaks of into a form of death cult worship---the Death Paul speaks of is death to death---so that Other's may LIVE. Its Always, Redemptive--because its in Love,

any 'death' not in love, self death, is a LIE. Because that death Paul speaks of gives Life...if our dying isn't giving life---we had better ask, what is really dying? And who really is killing us?

Love is key here...anything NOT in love, not in Faith, is Sin. The problem in finding out who God is,

is our distorted views of what Love is. The leaven, of pharisees and of Herod or Both. If we don't know what Love is--what Redemptive Love is--we don't know God.

Death, that isn't redemptive, because it does NOT have 'loves' power, God, is not the death we are commanded---it is a distortion, a lie--from Satan, the father of all lies. And the destroyer of souls.

IF one hates his brother, he lies and does not the truth---he knows not God, he is in Darkness. Even means man or woman. The apostles said to Jesus, about the town that refused to assist Jesus when coming into Jerusalem--do you want us to pray down destruction/fire, brimstone and Jesus said,

you know NOT what spirit you speak from [or something to that regard]...

They expected Hate. But God is Love...Justice yes, but Love. IF we don't see the Bible in Love--we miss it, totally, we're in darkness,

today there is so much hate, so much self-hate being taught--so much hate and God combined being taught, though they 'say' its love, and yet, many go hungry around us and so forth,

Do we know what Love is today? I think not...not for the most part, we know Religion, Death, Hate.

Therefore, we truly, don't know God until we come out of all that--and find out, what Love, really is.

JaneDoeThreads said...

Well, that's it in a nutshell, I suppose--so now, I sing with REM, Losing my Religion, and you know, I think,

for the first time, that I might be seeing a glimpse of Love rather than Death. IF I have learned anything all these years, is that Religion, Christianity as they call it, nearly Killed me, caused nothing but a slow Death in me--that wasn't bringing joy, that's for sure, nor was it bringing Life. Not even a bit of Life...just death,

self hate, and death. And it truly is, death worship cult. It focuses only ON death, but forgets the Resurrection...and the Life that followed-the Holy Spirit. Religion focuses always on 'death' and usually, by those in authority, who thrive on 'death' of others. Especially women---who carry life, who nurture life, etc.

They take and 'twist' until they get better love is there than this, Jesus said, that a man lay down his Life for his brothers....Why, so that they may Live. If our 'death to sin' isn't bringing Life to others, true Spiritual life, not feasting of demons, then Something is wrong, terribly wrong...and the 'key' there, has to be Love,

without Love, Paul said, we can give our bodies to be burned, and IT IS


It's starting, to make a lot of sense...



JaneDoeThreads said...

regarding first comment--on art, etc.,

what it is, isn't that they have no talent, no, but that their Individuality has all but been destroyed. And That is glaringly obvious, if you look through enough of the art-textile blogs [which is just about everything] and not only that,

the other thing that always stood out with the Christian women...was their always reference to Husband, first [not God] but Husband, then children, then God, then well, their art, as if they were ASHAMED of being alive and human,

it really comes through, the Repression.

Seriously, they might as well hang their heads down and strap on the full face burka---because in an odd way, they seem more repressed than those women Forced to wear burkas. IT really is a spiritual burka, a death, and there IS no life in it...

and there Surely, isn't no Love. Just dead, cold, religious death worship. Plastered with some plaster of 'false light'...form.

When it becomes that glaringly obvious--then something isn't quite right, you know...and especially if the Holy Spirit brings Joy, Love, Peace,

I see no Joy in today's toxic religion, oh, I see lots of glee of the oppressors, who smile like Herod while the heads roll, while the young woman dances naked...

sure, That kind of glee. But, hmmm, don't think, that is what Paul meant, by Joy,

just thinking out loud here...but just noticing a LOT of these things, and questioning how much anger at God I've had, is anger because all this time, I was poisoned by Toxic Religion?

If you know what I mean...


Mara Reid said...

I know what you mean.

Bitter is another term for toxic. And that's what this blog is about. Spitting out the bitter waters and instead, drinking Living Water.

It may be different from one person to another. But most of us have gotten a hold of religious toxins somewhere. Some more than others. And we've all got to spit it out so we have room to take in the Living.
[Sometimes those who have taken in smaller amounts don't recognize them as toxins so it helps when our sisters who have taken in more and recognize it better point it out. :) ]

How can rivers of living waters flow from our own bellies if we are full of toxins?

And you are right about questioning authority. Human authority (real or wrongly assumed) doesn't want to be questioned. But God isn't like that. He says, "Come, let us reason together. Though your sins are as scarlet, I will make them as white as snow."

The point is, He told us to come reason with Him. He never says not to question Him. That's a human flaw we should not project onto the Great God and Lover of our souls. He knows we are but dust and our questions don't threaten Him.

Do you have links so I can compare and contrast the art?
I want to see this.
I've done little or nothing with my art in years. Don't really have time to start back up in it again, but there is still a new stirring there. My daughter is doing a pen and ink for art convention and we were looking up how to do pen and ink water at google images. And some of the art work on there made me want to take it up again.

(I do childrens' art all the time for my Sunday school class. I make my own color sheets. But it's functional art, not expressional.)

JaneDoeThreads said...

Yea Mara, on my blog, all those links, on the embroidery and sites that inspire me,

then I just started browsing, and noticed, the ones that would put out I'm a Christian, married, etc., were very different,

like I said, at first, I thought, ok I'm just being nasty and prejudice [I do have to watch some of those left thinkings because I still do have them time to time, though I think its for me, an avoidance of things in my life, hiding in that legalism, etc],

but after a few, I did notice, and then, it was like, yea, the patriarchy really shows and then you see, but its sad, it really is, and I thought, asked actually, Why is this? Why, these pagan women have so much more individual creativity rather than just copy cat work, you know,

I thought, well, maybe I'm projecting my struggle here too--and it was there, that I really saw, what these soul assassin teachings are doing to women. Now sure, I saw things spiritually [like huge coveting] on a lot of the pagan or non-religious blogs when browsing but I saw some of that same coveting too on the Christian, that Might have more to do with 'class' and westernization though.

But the difference that I noticed the most was in the self-expression, women who aren't caught up in that whole 'you're your husband's mold' had more self and women centered and interestingly, more nature photos on their blog, its like they celebrate woman hood, not just mommy hood,

and where the Christian women [and I wondered how many of them were QF] it was focus on mommy hood and child things. Now there is Nothing wrong with that, by no means,

but the 'self-expression' just isn't there, its like they have no self.

That, that is what I noticed, a lot--it's glaringly obvious. And Mara why I mention this, is not to be hurtful to Christian women--but to relay something because I noticed this, in myself too--

just how much, is not there, because for so many years, of abuse and the belief that I was to not do anything [even in those days I fought back and rebelled I still internalized all those things and thought they were from God or that I was being punished for rebelling etc], and just how much, of my 'personhood self' had been damaged.

And it really made me sad and angry, angry at God---this is just something I've been dealing with, these past few months, and I see, for women in other lands where oppression is brutal, just how much more they are destroyed, and I've written some on that, in the posts on the Ugly side of textiles/art.


JaneDoeThreads said...

It's late--I will write more tomorrow, to reply to some other things, not ignoring you,



JaneDoeThreads said...

It's late--I will write more tomorrow, to reply to some other things, not ignoring you, I think too, that so much of it, well, two things I notice, one personal for me because it seems that 'the surroundings' of the women have a Lot to do with their creative spark---so if their environment is beautiful they see more beauty, where I come from the ugly underclass where life ain't beautiful so I don't have those things to draw from---

that's a lot of it right there, but with that,

is the emotional too, if women are free to be and not being told how unworthy they are--they aren't hindered, it seems, whereas, women [such as myself too] being told, they are not worth as much or that God ordained them to live an existence solely for man or that to be a person is selfish and all that bunk,

that whole death cult worship [esp to women], then yea, eventually the soul--that personality, dies.

And its not just about being 'busy' with kids either, that was something else that really got to me, because I often used that as explanation, but most of the women [non-Christian] who are the most creative, they All were married and had children,

they just aren't into all that patriarchal doctrine. Not on an intimate day by day basis...

where as, the blogs that were Christian, its like, a record player, say all the same things, focus son the same things, and it was always, the Husband [as if he's a god] and the children and then, as a sort of 'sacrificial gift' by husband, they are allowed some 'craft' time sort of thing...and then, the arts were usually, centered around their home and Children---no self-or women centered art that I could tell, thus far.

Or even anything much of an outside focus. And its not an 'inward' focus either, but its like, the focus has been all but directed at 'her duty' to husband and children and that's it. It's hard to explain...but I noticed it. And the thing is Mara,

it made me jealous, of these pagan women---and made me feel sorry, for the Christian women. [where self-expression and that freedom is concerned] and then, I thought of Paul and when he said, a widow who lives to please herself is dead already...and I ask Jesus, uh, why is it the Christian women look more dead? So, I think there what Paul means, is women who are 'self-indulgent' at the ignoring others in pain,

not, that women are to live like walking corpses and if they don't, they are sinful and so forth.

Yea, no doubt, its patriarchy-misogyny and for women who have to work outside the home all day, sure, its understandable that they don't create much--

but the comparisons here, are all women, who stay at home, with children, married, and one set [generally speaking] is wrapped up in Christianity [American] and the other, isn't. And you can really see, what the religious doctrines are doing, to women.




JaneDoeThreads said...

following morning, a.m. Mara I posted two comments last night--in regards to women/art, etc.,

or early morning-night rather...

I felt disturbed some, after writing last night--as if I was being hateful, in my observation-so I questioned, and prayed this morning, spent time alone with God--been slacking there and it shows,

anyhow, this came to me...the waters, from the heart [James], rivers of water,

Rivers, take you somewhere.

Like, wow-I think of the bitter waters that flow out--the sweet waters that sometimes flow [James--can't have both from same fountain, can't bless God then curse man, etc],

but I never thought, about how those rivers Lead somewhere. But God showed me's not just what type of river, it's also, where it is taking you.

So like, which River am I swimming in [like a fish], which River, is carrying me?

That, is giving me a lot to think on and pray about...Jesus said I give rivers of Living Water...

it's not just what type of water---it's what River, we are IN.

Spirit--vs--Flesh, worship in Spirit and in Truth--
that too, I saw some things there this morning too--and its like, I don't know how to put these things in words,

are there words?

I don't think so---it's just, Being, this place of being,

and staying IN that place. Reading Psalms, 60-65, keeping mind on them today, in 62, that they only consult to cast him from his excellency--that is what that carnal mind does too, and like Wow,

God gave me this today too, same 62,

Trust not in oppression, and become not vain in robbery: if riches increase, set not your heart upon them...[I'm going to para the rest],

God says twice [to David] that power belongs to Him, also unto God, MERCY belongeth--for thou rendereth to every man according to his works.

Mara I have always read those 'God renders' in fear [something else God is showing me, adopted, not slaves in fear, in Bondage--but crying Abba, Father],

and today, I got it [when Spirit shows you], Mercy, belongs to God because HE alone, has the power to 'render' to us what we deserve--therefore it is HIM, not men, we should fear/respect, Him we should look to, for our salvation, etc.,

HE alone owns the power of Mercy--then I thought, Jesus said, forgive, 70 times 7 or no, 7 times 70...Mercy, if we forgive God forgives us,

that forgiveness, IS in God, He alone, owns Mercy. We don't, so like, Really mulling over that one,

and, Trust NOT in oppression [that was Directly to me this morning].

Being 'IN' God, being 'IN' the river, being 'IN' Christ, being 'IN' mercy...

it's not 'what we Do', but what we ARE.

Place of Being...and only IN God, outside of me Jesus said you can do Nothing.

So, another thing, so I'm praying about my 'evil' heart--and God showed me, inside of tree, the rings, the outward bark of tree is hard, and I said, we aren't trees, OH, but we ARE, two trees in the garden--[one natural, one spiritual maybe?], anyway, when you look in nature, what do you see? Little trees that come from the roots of big trees. The entire root system of trees and the 'inside' image of the tree--the rings/age and all, the sap, so forth,

rivers of Living water...question is, do we as a tree rooter [those little guys that spring up somewhere from the big tree] die and then become another tree OR do we, tree, get the living water and change the 'sap' from the inside/tree of Life?

Still pondering that one...

it would explain the bark still being there, and why God has to peel it off and crack it open, [how it looks for me] to pour the water in--to rid the toxins, etc.,

just some of the imagery I see, not sure how to explain it though.
read my comment to TDW on Charis's blog-about the number 7 and 47, because it all fits too with what I just said, 7 times 70, it's on the 'Why is God so mean' topic--God is awesome.