Monday, January 18, 2010

Knowing God, 5

Philippians 3:10 That I may know Him, and the power of His ressurrection and the fellowship of His sufferings, being comformed to His death.

Again, we have the Apostle Paul. He really wants to know God. He really wants to know the full spectrum of Jesus. From His lowest lows to His highest highs.

I'm not going to tarry long on this one, because to be quite frank, I'm not sure what all he means. Paul was martyred, so I suppose in that sense, he fellowshiped with Christ's sufferings.

But I wonder if the women who followed Jesus as He carried the cross were fellowshiping with His sufferings. When they were there as they hammered in the nails, I wonder if that counted as knowing His sufferings.

And for ourselves today, I wonder if fellowshiping in His sufferings might have to do with deep prayer and intercession or going to a homeless shelter to give a cup of cold water to a child, or advocating for those who have not voice...

As we do it for one of the least of these, we do it for Him.

If I'm wrong on this one, I don't mind another giving me more insight. As mentioned, this verse is not completely clear to me, but I did want to mention it because of its broadness.

We can know BOTH the power of His resurrection AND the fellowship of His sufferings. And whatever it means, there is one thing I do know. When I'm willing to accept it all, the bad with the good according to the will of God (a opposed to the will of men), God makes it worth my while. So I want to be open to this verse and trust God for the parts I don't understand.


JaneDoeThreads said...

{not in that Christian frame of mind today--but well, this IS what I really struggle with, so I'm putting it out here}

when I read this I want to scream at Paul,

well, be a Woman, be Married and Be the Toilet--in Every way, [gauranteed that is what you Will be in a Christian joke of Love marriage] and you will know Real quick, the dying part...fellowship with Jesus, martyrdom and all that.

Only thing is, you'll have to Believe the LIE of love and the honor of marriage and all that b.s. and pretend to go along with it, AND knowing that its God who made it this way...

that well, is the double edged sword and no one seems to have answers but then again,

God didn't allow women to write in the Bible--probably for This very reason.

Would have come up with something Entirely different, the whole love lie and virgin church and all that Bunk--would have had to go, because we Women know, the Truth about it---

and after we've been Defecated on enough times in the Same ways that prostitutes are [intimately] maybe that, is supposed to be our fellowship, who knows,

but it Sure has been the 'tool' that the church has used to make sure, we women, the Toilets, keep letting men

defecate on us and we just flush and go Right back to being defecated on again. Funny though, I ain't got no Joy from this garbage and I don't see other feces loaded women having much joy either, so maybe, that whole Love thing, is just one BIG FAT LIE.

IF I could see Paul, I would ask him this, Right to his face, I'd be curious as to What he'd say.



JaneDoeThreads said...

[more on this], I tell Jesus this,

the Difference and the OUTRAGE of this, is that, Paul, did not have to Screw his prison guards nor give them BJ and say, oh yea baby I luuuuve you, but

we Women, are expected to do this to our Prison guards day in and day out--our abusive husbands, many who are Christians. [speaking for women here] And then, of course, hold up the Purity and Value and Honor of Marriage,

just how Wonderful it is, and all that Bunk. And of course, the Sin of harlotry and prostitution...yea, because That woman doesn't have to act like she Believes the lie...we DO. The Prostitute KNOWS she's being defecated on, and knows the TRUTH,

we, Christian women, are defecated on and we think, it's some Noble thing...the more we lie down and allow men to defecate on us, the better, Right?

Its just like Jesus and the Cross--


so, God, what's UP with that? I think, Women have a right to an Answer on This one.

[sorry Mara but this WAS so much at the core of why I dumped Christianity for as long as I did--its all about love and the Bible holding up the beauty of marriage, the wrong of fornication, etc.,


Oh, we get that consolation bit, love thy wives bunk...

the thing is, though, Jesus gets Justice in the end,

do WE? I doubt it, doubt it very much, and Jesus suffered/layed down his life out of Love for us,

we Women, are expected to be defecated on, not out of love for others, but because WE ARE WOMEN.


I dont know, but I am SO tired of hearing about marriage and even the 'analogy' of Christ and the whole bride thing,

just Pisses me off to no end...I been the bride--it Ain't pretty, it Sucks. Couldn't God pick out something not as debase as being a Bride, who most likely will be in life abused, raped and mistreated? THe Last thing I ever want to be again, is a Bride...

I see NOTHING beautiful about it. I prefer Slave--its FAR more HONEST, its not loaded with false promises and LIES when the truth is being defecated on AND well,

at Least, I could Deal with the Slavery bit--I want to say to God, you Didn't have to bother with the whole bride-love analogy crock, we KNOW better, slave to the King would have been Fine--it's honest and well,

I've had enough of Lies thank you very much.

Truth is SO MUCH EASIER TO SWALLOW, why I liked Communism so much--they didn't promise love, they promised sacrifice for others, point blank. No love, no BS lies and all that---you KNEW what you were giving up and why, it was very practical and without all the emotional hogwash manipulation.

God, I think, you should have done it that way...then it would be Easier, due to not believing in the Cinderella love lie, for women, to take the being defecated on. And 'bride' then, would have an HONEST definition and using it as analogy, wouldn't be so hurtful then.


JaneDoeThreads said...

that should be,

we, Christian women, are defecated on and we [EDIT, we are BRAINWASHED by Christianity to think, it's some Noble thing...the more we lie down and allow men to defecate on us, the better, Right?

Its just like Jesus and the Cross--

On another note, IF, if I look at this whole lying dynamic with LOGIC, then it is clear that the whole marriage analogy and CONTRACT

is nothing but a Fraud, therefore, Marx was Absolutely Right. Marriage is nothing more, than LEGALIZED PROSTITUTION, FOR MEN.

That is All it is--and LEGALIZED 'SLAVERY', over one human---a.k.a. woman.

It's not only Legal its Sanctioned by Religion, and it is here that ALL SLAVERY is sanctioned by Religion...

and the Only difference between Islam and Christianity, where women are concerned is this:

in Islam, it is TOLD that women are nothing but cum dumps and slaves, nothing more.

in Christianity, women are also cum dumps and slaves, BUT they are LIED to, told they are of value and that they are loved,

when we Know full well, MEN don't love women, they just love to screw women.

Muslim women, ironically, while oppressed, are more Free, because they aren't Hanging onto Illusions and Lies,

whereas, we Christian women, are still hanging on to this illusion, of something that is and Doesn't even Exist.

and I'm of the conclusion that God made it this way, because the Heavens knew, if Women knew the Truth, they'd rebel and wouldn't Pro-Create or take care of future generations.

And THAT, is why, we've been sold the whole bit about love and martyrdom...more and more I believe this.

IF, however, like the Marxists do, we look at humanity/both physically and spiritually, as all connected, then we Know that to take Care of one another is to take Care of our self. For Survival,

in That pragmatic view, then it makes perfect sense AND is Workable, Feasible,
and this is Why I think,

the far left/in ideology, meaning the influence, is doing a Hell of a lot more, in Relief work and in really Walking in Care towards one another, than the Whole Church combined in the world,

esp in the west.

By their Fruits you shall know them Jesus said...well, Jesus,

if its by Fruits, the secularists and humanists are doing far more, to represent You, than any MAN I have ever seen in the church--except for one, that man in Africa.

I will bank on That one....


JaneDoeThreads said...


I am cross posting this here, my reply to you on CBE. It's worth to read...

I listed this site on the Ex Quiverfull, I don’t know if they are aware of you or not,

they are going full speed ahead in setting up shelters and such to assist women in Leaving patriarchal-churches/groups, leaving or escaping the abuses and the philosophies. That’s what the site said,

I Included you on a list of resources, that may have knowledge of exit counselors to help women, if you know of any, as I’m sure, not all of the women will want to abandon their faith.

For more info, see the Ex-Quiverfull blog. There is a lawyer who has taken somewhat of the lead there, to help these women, and many who want to escape but cannot as of yet. I’m sure, we will be seeing a LOT more court cases, to this regard.

anyway, Mara, thank you…and thank you Liz, I kept the email, I did finally get it.

AS to the issue of faith, I have like I said, been questioning, for many reasons, and like I said, the knowledge of sin, has been somewhat the ‘glue’ that has kept me from turning totally away. Anyway, I do still, believe in Jesus,

and after some thought on this…in all truthfulness to Him, because ‘truth’ is something I’ve been really asking about, the whole living lies and what lies are [and I do believe for the most part, today's church IS apostate, a lie, that the son of perdition IS sitting in the seat of the temple--we forget, the temple is the church, temple of the Holy Spirit is the body, etc...that came to me months ago, and its something that has been on the back of my mind]

but there were two things, that came to me today, One, signs and wonders and two, something in Daniel, about the end days. The removing of the Spirit, mentioned in Daniel,

why is it, that so many, will follow the anti-christ with his ’signs and wonders’ and then, Jesus said, signs and wonders will follow my disciples, etc?

Where are the signs and wonders today? That aren’t false? Good question,

one that I think, many should be asking—Jesus said, those who worship God must do so, in Spirit and in Truth. What if, the issue is, there is no Spirit, in many today? [how about many of the teachings? explains a lot there, why So much SENSUALITY] I think, that right there, pretty much sums up, why there is no Signs and Wonders, and one of those Signs, is yes,


There is a Remnant however…a remnant is a small, small piece of fabric, out of a whole. Usually it is torn, there is a Remnant.

The obsession with roles and marriage, again that comes to me Mara, in the days it will be like the days of Noah [the violence and ever thought being evil, so violent that God was grieved He made man, so violent the Earth was polluted--Genesis], Jesus said, and they will be GIVEN IN MARRIAGE AND MARRYING. IN the days He comes they will be giving in marriage…

Why did He say that?

I think I know why, and again, They will have a Form of Godliness but will Deny the POWER [the Spirit] thereof.

That nailed it for me…seeking Truth, God peels away all the Pretense. There is a Religious Spirit, and it is False. It is more than legalism,

but I’m seeing it. Maybe, the reason God allows failure and pain [in contrast to the promises of utopia claimed by so many] is so that we See what is REAL, in contrast to what is False.

Anyway Mara, God lead me, I stumbled onto it, by accident,

just about twenty minutes ago, I’ve never heard of it or seen it before, on a website I rarely browse…

Mara will know just what this means, as God has been using her, to help me, in so many ways…isn’t that something Mara? LOL, I broke down in tears when I saw that…before I even read the Title, where it says ‘doubt’.

Thought I’d share it…I needed a miracle today.