Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Driscoll and Piper are New Calvinists

This is why I'm working toward an understanding of New Calvinism.

New Calvinism is an intricate and elusive intellectual puzzle to me, far removed from the simplicity of the Gospel. It is not traditional Calvinism and has it's beginnings in the 20th century.

And from what I gather, so far, New Calvinism seems to be a reaction against an earlier move in Christianity. I find this to be very interesting since new Calvinists use the ESV translation as other groups use the King James version. And the ESV is a reactionary translation against the TNIV and I have been very concerned about men holding up and practically worshiping a translation that's a reaction against another. How objective is a reaction?

So I keep working, slowly but surely, towards an understanding of this new doctrine that is greatly troubling modern Christendom and the world.

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