Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Quote Concerning Ancient Hebrew Culture

Someone on one of the forums I frequent brought this quote to our attention.
I wanted to share it here:

All modern day translations of the Bible are written from a very westernized perspective and have erased the original Hebraic, Eastern, perspective of the original words in the text. Once the Hebraicness of the text is restored, a common theme can be found throughout the Bible rising to the surface - our nomadic migration through the wilderness of life. 

The quote can be found in this article:

Introduction to Ancient Hebrew culture

A lot of what I see that is wrong with teachings from Driscoll and Piper and a miriade of other teachers is how narrow minded and small thinking they are. The arrogance of the Western mind that thinks all others think the way it does is overwhelming and frustrating.

True thinkers who can think beyond the tiny worlds they live in are more likely to think bigger and touch more of Who our Eternal God is.

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