Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Scottish Calvinist Takes a Swipe at NeoPatriarchs...

... who dare to call themselves Reformed. This Scottish Calvinist has a bone to pick with them. He (or she) doesn't appreciate these New Calvinists and Neo Patriarchs sullying the word "Reformed" with their aberrant doctrines. So listen up, you New (kids on the block) Calvinists (iow -- wet behind the ears and too immature to know how ignorant you really are concerning reformed doctrine midgets), this Scottish dude (or dudette) from the UK has a thing or two to teach you. And you better listen because he (or she) has more wisdom in one little post than anything and everything any one of you have ever written on the topic.

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Sarah said...

I may be wrong, but I'm fairly certain the author "Cath" is a woman. I believe I saw her comment on another post calling herself "Catherine", a decidedly feminine name. Just fyi. ;)

Mara Reid said...

Hhmm. You are probably right.

Well, part of me wishes Cath was male cause the more masculine voices that are added to this side of the conversation, the more credibility it has.
A very sad state of affairs, indeed.
I'm just sick to death of this teaching that is commonly accepted in the States, the teaching that women are more easily deceived.

Oh, well. I don't buy it because I see men deceived up one side and down the other all the while pointing the finger at women for being deceived.
And male or female, I still appreciate what Cath brings to the table. She speaks wisdom beyond Piper, Wilson, Driscoll, Grudem and all the rest.
Too bad these men have their heads so far up their (fill in the blank) that they won't hear the divine wisdom of a woman.

[I may or may not edit the original post to reflect my newfound knowledge concerning my new favorite Scottish Calvinist)