Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Top Ten FBWTS posts of all time.

These ten posts have received the most hits ever in the short history of this blog.

# 1 Dear Grace Driscoll...

# 2 Is it Grace Driscoll's Blog or Affair?

# 3 The New Calvinist and Neo Patriarch on Divorce

# 4 Mars Hill Calls for Reconciliation. Whatever.

# 5 Have You Heard the One about Deborah

# 6 The "Keep Sweet" Conspiracy

# 7 Mark Driscoll Is in Trouble Now

# 8 Doug Wilson is a Misogynist

# 9 Sex, Drugs, and Mark Driscoll, pt 1

# 10 Stolen Hearts and Stolen Voices

Some of these had help to get to the top ten by being linked by others, like The New Calvinist and Neo Patriarch on Divorce and The Keep Sweet Conspiracy. But both the posts on Grace Driscoll got there on their own and it doesn't bother me in the least that my # 1 post was actually a guest post. I like it when someone else can  express what I wish I could but can't or comes at a situation from a particularly enlightened and/or gracious point of view.


Gem said...

:) Trusting that some people were helped in the journey (even if Grace did not read it... perhaps someday she will when the time is ripe?)

Mara Reid said...

Yes, even if Grace never reads it, perhaps a few people might 'get' what's going on with her. Her agreement and cooperation with Mark doesn't make what Mark says and does 'right'. There are too many factors involved to be able to take what Grace says and does as 'proof' that Mark isn't hurting her and every other woman abused and damaged by his misogynist attitude and doctrine.