Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Culture vs Gospel

I don't make very many book recommendations, but here is one that I read early on in my Christian walk that helped my understanding of the difference between true evangelism as opposed to Westernization. This book changed the emphasis of modern missions and helped our missionaries present a more pure gospel as opposed to trying to westernize different people groups. http://www.amazon.com/Bruchko-Bruce-Olson/dp/0884191338


rachel said...

This book was given to me in high school with the comment (from a missionary friend) that I have been blessed, so "go be a blessing to the nations." I've read and reread it and still consider that moment to be the defining moment I realized I would be in missions in some way. :) Huge impact on my life.

Mara Reid said...

It's a good one. I've bought several and loaned them out. I don't own one right now because I forgot who I loaned them to last and they weren't returned.

It really is one of those life changing books, even if one doesn't feel the call to missions. It causes a person to step back and rethink.