Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Sad, Strange, Pitiful, Little...(ahem) Male

This youtube video is entitled, "Worst Preacher Ever".
And it may be true. The only thing good about this preacher is that very few will ever take him seriously, even Piper followers.

2 comments: said...

Sounds like this preacher is looking for any Bible verse he can find to back up his presumptions, that males should be powerful, authority-wielding, woman-stomping, man-favored-rule-making, elitist, wild, cave-men types. In this case, in order to be a man, he must be animalistic. It is feminism to be considerate of others, apparently, according to his doctrine. So a man isn't a man unless he makes extra denigrating work for women. After all, if a man pees against the wall, wouldn't that make him less a man to also wipe it up?

Isn't the reason for the non-standing up rule, so that no one has to clean up the mess? So he completely missed the point. Perhaps the verses he was pointing to were actually saying that God would destroy those who are so inconsiderate and disobedient as to pee against the wall? Weren't the children of Israel commanded to bury their excrement, probably including urine, so that the land would stay sanitary? Although urine is sterile when it first leaves the body, it soon attracts that which is non-sterile, and it soon smells bad. We have a God who is concerned about cleanliness; a man who peed against the wall, was rebelling against God. This preacher taught the opposite of what the passage was saying. Teaching male-power, instead of living with others "according to knowledge" is rebelling against God, isn't it?

Mara Reid said...

Well, I hadn't thought about that. I only got as far as...


You mean the way you pee can determine whether or not you are a man?

Is this really the structure you want measure your manhood by?"

But, like you said. Who cleans it up, even in modern day? Who gets to hug the toilet and remove pee mist from the floor, walls, side of the toilette?

You know what? He doesn't care. He's not called to lay down his life for others. He's called to pee against a wall.

Way to go preacher. Keep spraying your inconsiderate, worldly, manhood for all to enjoy. (puke!)