Monday, April 25, 2011

A Nervous and Threatened Small Man

Piper "There is a certain dynamic between maleness and femaleness that when a woman begins, over time, to assume an authoritative teaching role in your life, the manhood of a man and the womanhood of a woman is compromised."

There, you see it. It's that structure I was telling you about. If people don't keep to the structures this man advocates, Maleness and Femaleness will be compromised. You see his manliness leaking out on the floor in a puddle of urine?
This is a small minded and nervous little man.

This is not a free man, but a bound up and threatened little man.


Hannah said...

The strangest thing is you never hear of them actually showing you a 'real life example' of this.

Its always I knew a man...

Sorry but they claim this is all over society according them, and yet they never come up with a solid example.

If they can actually come UP with a real life example - then they must show the pattern.

They never do that. lol I guess if they get to close to it - by actually showing this they might be contaminated themselves.

I never understood why they can't see how WEAK they make men look with this junk.

Will people ever see the projection in this stuff? Its the speaker who seems to be weak, and then speaks for all men.

Don't let the small men speak for you guys!

Mara Reid said...

Hannah: "Don't let the small man speak for you guys."


Excellent quote!

Excellent Advice!