Friday, April 29, 2011

A Little, Big Man?

Or is that, "A big, little man?" I don't know. I googled Mark Driscoll concerning his height and the only thing I came across was 5'10". So I'm not sure how tall he is. But I know he's little inside. Do you know how I know? Here is what he says about women according to my friend who has researched him, Freedom4Captives, in her own words:

From his statements in his Spiritual Warfare Series, part 2, he seems to demand quiet submission from women, and he appears to demean women who have opinions and speak about what they want, such as, “I want to be married to a pastor.” Mark says to single men, “Run. She’s satanic. She wants to be in the middle of things and have power and be a drama queen.” Well who says? How do you know her heart, Mark? That may or may not be true. But see, she is a strong woman who knows what she wants which, according to former members, is a big “no, no” at MHC. Mark goes on to say that the woman who really wants to be a leader of women’s ministries is the one to avoid for the same reasons. Then his voice becomes soft and gentle as he says that the woman who is quiet and non-assertive, who wouldn’t even ask for that position, she is the one that would be best in that position. Well, that kind of temperament certainly wouldn’t cause Mark many problems and would be more easily controlled.

Mark makes terribly small boxes for women to fit into, while making a huge box for himself. He fears strong women so bad that he builds microscopic structures for them so that his manhood won't be threatened by them. I'm not sure how tall Mark is, but it doesn't seem to matter if he's tall because he still suffers from nervous, little man syndrome.

Here's the link to Freedom's blog for where you can read other things about how Mark overcompensates for his feelings of insecurity, if you care to read it.

As a bonus feature, here's a link to another blog post that explores Mark Driscoll's very serious issues with women.

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