Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Link Ransomed Heart Ministries

As I have a heart to see women free, John Eldredge has a heart to see men free which I respect. I just wish his work wasn't so easily used by other men to bring women under bondage.


Darcy said...

Is it used that way? I guess I haven't seen it. The Eldridge's books saved my life and my marriage. I was 18 when I read "Waking the Dead" and a whole new world of grace was opened to me. "Captivating" really did save my life and helped me to heal. I am very sorry if they've been used for evil but they certainly have a special place in my heart.

Mara Reid said...

I haven't read Captivating. A friend of mine said the same thing about it.

What I see in Eldredge's WAH is a yearning for freedom and some answers to help people, men in particular, to find it. And I found freedom in reading WAH. I related to what Eldredge was telling men.

But when I gave the book to my husband to read, it had a bad effect on him. And my husband wasn't the only man that it had a bad effect on. Another friend of mine who is escaping an abusive marriage said that WAH opened the way for her husband's abuse to turn from verbal to physical. (Note, I'm not blaming the book for physical abuse, I'm just noting that there are holes, false premises, and other things that are bad for some men.)

This book coupled with strict gender roles and rigid hierarchy, has become another tool that comps use against women.
In my series, I'm going after the false premise, the false structure or foundation that Eldredge lays that other men use to build faulty houses.