Wednesday, June 26, 2013

History Lesson for Vaugh Ohlman...

... and other over-the-top ignorant men who want to rewrite history to make women look evil, childish, and foolish and make men look as pure as the wind driven snow.

Get a clue, Vaugh, oh bitter man extraordinaire. I understand that you are hurt, angry, and bitter at the actions of a certain female in your life. I understand that you believe that your words are needed to set the world straight and make it a better place for men like yourself, safe from the evils of women you cannot control. The problem is that the world your propose is hell on earth for women. We've been there (a very, very long time), done that (a very, very long time) and we aren't going back.

Here is a pro-life, homeschool mom's history lesson on:

the suffragettes and a woman's right to choose

It was a wonderful read the first time I read it and still stands as a beacon of truth against the darkness of blinded haters and ragers like Vaugh Olhman

(Note: I AM pro-life. I'm also pro mother, pro father, pro woman, pro man, pro child, pro family, and pro Bible. What I am opposed to is oppression, the kind of heavy-handed oppression that Vaugh thinks will save the world and fatherhood as we know it from the extra special evil he believes feminism to be. He believes it to be extra special evil because it takes away a bit of control over another person's life that he falsely believes belongs to him. I could say so much more here but these parentheses are already on maximum overload.)


Hannah said...

His bitterness and lack of love goes against what God calls us to show.

Sadly, Enough said.

Mara Reid said...

Yep, you can say for sure that his version of Christianity has nothing to do with love or grace. Just bitterness, and destitution.