Friday, June 7, 2013

Women Held Responsible with No Authoriy

My post with links concerning the Oldest Daughter Syndrome made me remember something my father said once. He was a manager in a government agency so he understood managing, running a company, authority, and responsibility.

He said that it was wrong to make a person responsible for something they have no authority over and just as wrong to give someone authority while not holding them responsible for that authority.

This is exactly what Patriarchy does.

It gives the men all the authority while not holding them accountable for any of that authority while making women responsible for everything that goes wrong even while they have no authority in the situation.

I could go into a long explanation. But why, when there is a perfect example of the blatant off-balance authority/responsibly paradigm being ranted about over at Defeating the Dragons.

Cloistered Fruit: (NOT) an Open Letter to the Pearls

I don't link much about the Pearls. They are another couple that have gone too far over the cuckoo's edge for me to take seriously any day of the week.

But I take this rant very seriously because it is right on target.

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