Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Men and Emotions

Okay, here is how it is.

I've seen it before and I will see it again.

Certain men want to accuse women of being emotional and therefore unstable, or flighty or something.

The truth is, men have emotions too. They have emotions that drive them just a bad as women do.

The difference is, many men are less honest about their emotions. They bury their emotions beneath a layer of (what they think is) logic and reason, therefore hiding what they consider to be unstable.

I say all this so that I can link this post by the naked pastor who is one of those guys who has become honest about emotions and how they effect both sexes.

emotionally invested preconceived stereotype of women

Thanks David

And as an extra bonus at no extra cost, here are my friend, Hannahs words on

Erick Erickson Wants to Have It All

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