Sunday, June 23, 2013

Men that are ignorant of history

No Longer Quivering quotes a bitter and ignorant man.
No Votes or Anything Else for Women

I wanted to leave a comment and had difficulty. So rather than lose the comment, I thought I'd just cut and paste the comment here:

This man needs a serious history lesson. In the past, it was the MEN who had the choice to end a pregnancy or commit infanticide if the child was unwanted, born female, or otherwise flawed (in their judgement). The woman had no choice at all and was forced to accept the choice of the man which often DID end in abortion or infanticide due to financial reasons.

Even today, many women want to choose to keep their pregnancies. However, family (the mother's parents and/or husband) or boyfriends (baby-daddies) are the ones pressuring the mother to end the pregnancy due again, to financial reasons and not wanting to have to support this new burden. I know this because my parents are on the board of a home for pregnant women who have no resources or support from their families and baby-daddies. I also once heard a drunk father say that he'd drag his daughters by the hair to the abortion clinic if either of them ever turned up pregnant out of wedlock. So the 'women are evil baby killers and men are holy baby defenders' dynamic doesn't hold water.

This man has issues with reality, believing that all men/fathers are good (as he defines them, willing to 'die' rather than allow anyone to kill their child) and women/doctors/nurses are bad (as he defines them, out to murder the father's beloved children thereby taking away the control he believes that all men should have over the lives of their women/children/property). He is out of touch with reality and is an embarrassment to those who would truly like to encourage and support pregnant women who find themselves in crisis.


Calulu said...

Hey Mara! I'd like to repost this at NLQ since you seem to be having some problems posting in comments. Would that be alright with you?

Mara Reid said...

It would be more than all right.

It would be an honor.