Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Couple More Chime In On Driscoll

Here are a couple more blog posts on the abuse and UnChristlike happenings going on at Mars Hill.

This one at The Falcon by Taylor Svendsen"

And this one by Christian Piatt at his blog:

Here is a quote I like from Christian Piatt's Post:
"What’s more disturbing to me than all of the bullying, name-calling and shaming, sadistic tactics employed by the church leadership is that so many seem to accept this as a proper way to act as church to one another. Where is the grace? Where is the offer to help the couple reconcile or part peacefully? There’s not even a hint of the old draconian “love the sinner, hate the sin” ethos. It’s more like “hate the sin, abuse the sinner and shame him back into conformity.”

Christian Pratt wants to know where the grace is. I can't answer that.

But I'll tell you what the evidence says about where Grace Driscoll is.
(Another quote from Piatt's post):
" senior pastor Mark Driscoll often proclaims from the pulpit, women are 'inferior weaker vessels.' Women, in their inferior state, can’t be expected to be held accountable in the same way as men, who always bear the burden of forced aggression. Period."

(Mara again. Having trouble making blogger behave and take away the white space behind the letters)
Grace is in a weakened and inferior position force upon her by the relentless bullying of her husband. Grace is nothing but a shell of herself, an obedient little doll who knows how to display her plastic, little smile and nod her submissive, little head on cue in order to prop up her husband's raging ego and to keep the charade up of "Happy couple, Happy family, Happy church" going indefinitely. She must do this so that they can pay the light bill and she can go to the gym so she can be, "Hot, hot, hot!" for the man who owns and dominates her.
I could be wrong about this, of course. But this is what most all of the evidence strongly points to.


rach.h.davis said...

I tend to agree with you about Grace. Like you said, we could be wrong about her, but the evidence looks strong. Driscoll has admitted to verbally threatening men she roomed close to in college, monitoring her e-mails, deciding who she can and can't socialize with, and the Driscolls often emphasize that women should not talk to other women about how their marriage is going. In a recent post about being respectful towards husbands, Grace cited that a common (sinful) thought in a wife's head regarding her husband might be "I hope the kids don't turn out like him" or "it's so much easier when he's out of town." Really? I never think this about my husband. I would hope that MOST wives don't feel better when their husband isn't around.

Honestly, every time I see Grace in a video, she looks like a mannequin who is speaking from a script. Often, Mark will have his hand clamped around her leg or touching her back, looking as though he's physically keeping her in hand while she answers questions with their pre-agreed statements.

Mara Reid said...

Yeah, the evidence is there.

I know my words were strong.
They also may be wrong.
But it's not for nothing that I come to the conclusions I do.

The evidence is very strong.
Have you read the letter to Grace that my friend guest posted here?
It's called "Dear Grace Driscoll..."

I like her compassion filled words better than mine.

rach.h.davis said...

I did read it. It was very good.

It's hard to look at something from the outside and decide what you think. Some days I think, who am I to be reading into things on a marriage I know nothing about? Other days, I look at the laundry list of red flags (much longer than the one I posted here) and just get this sinking pit in my stomach.

I hope we are wrong.