Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Announcing My Link Page

My blog list has become freakishly long.
I'm still going to leave it up for a while, maybe forever.
But in addition to my regular blog list I'm building a links page that can get freakishly longer.
It is a work in progress and I'm not nearly done putting in all the links I want. But I've gotten a good start and wanted to go ahead and share it with people.
There are links on that page that never made it to the blog list, but not because they were not worthy. It was just a matter of my limited time or attention span or something else or something else, who knows.

Anyway, here it is:

You can also get there, anytime, by clicking "Link Junction" next to "Home" under the title line of this blog.


Gem said...

Yay! Here's one- a team effort where I hope some good resources will accumulate over time! :)

Mara Reid said...

I'll add it right away!