Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Women Who Have It Worse

A little break from griping about Driscoll.

Islamic couple and son are found guilty of honor killings in Canada. It's a sick world we live in:

Third world nation girls:

One of the reasons we are fighting gender discrimination is because it is being exported by men like Piper and Driscoll. Other countries have enough problems without the True Gospel being contaminated and turned into something else, a gender gospel.


Gem said...


Greek word translated "gospel"

"gender gospel" is an oxymoron. Should be "death-spel" or "dys-spel"

Excuse my very literal reading! ;)

Gem said...

...or "bondage-spel"

Galations 5:1

Mara Reid said...

It is true. I have only seen the gender gospel bring death and destruction to marriages.