Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I Get Cranky With Driscoll, [Ever notice ? ;) ]

But even though I get very cranky with him over many issues, I still know he's my brother in Christ and I have to remind myself that he's not evil incarnate. He'd just made many mistakes and is under a good deal of self-delusion.

Anyway, because I have to pull back and regroup and remind myself and my readers that Driscoll is not evil, I like to include critiques of him and/or his teaching by those who are either more objective than I, or have a better understanding of the Mars Hill culture through personal experience, or both.

That's why I had guest posts by WTH here and also why I'm linking this, a review of Driscoll's "Real Marriage" book by people who went to church at Mars Hill during the times Driscoll describes in the book. So here it is:

Then also, here are WTH thoughts on this review.


Gem said...

That was a good review of the book! Haven't read "Real Marriage" myself (and won't). From the excerpts I've seen online I gathered that Mark blamed Grace, and Grace took the blame for their marriage problems- which the book review confirms.

Grace, the marriage problems are not your fault!

Mark my words, Mara. Their oldest child is 12. When children become teenagers, they will no longer tolerate the degree of control that they will as youngsters. The control and bullying dynamic will be challenged.

Mara Reid said...

Yep, you called it on it being the

"The woman that Thou gavest me. It's her fault"

mechanism being at work.

And most likely, you other prediction concerning the children will be true as well.