Saturday, February 25, 2012

Hating People Out Loud

You know, I usually don't doubt whether a person is an actual Christian or not. Like, say, Mark Driscoll. This man upsets me. Often. But I still believe that he loves Jesus. I don't question his salvation.

Recently I've come across a couple links by men who, straight up, hate women and aren't afraid to show it.

WARNING: Don't go to those links if they will trigger you.

I only link them as proof that a person can be this deceived and actually believe that they are okay with God and that God agrees with their misogyny and hatred.

It's reading things like this (which I don't do often and for good reason) that makes me really wonder if a person has actually given their hearts to Jesus. Because, you see, there is nothing in what they say that represents the Jesus spoken of in the Gospels. It seems that the only thing the Christian Religion is to them is a means by which to add emphasis to their practice of hating people out loud.

You might think that what these men say would enrage me. It really doesn't. Not because shocked and angry aren't appropriate responses. No, rather, I'm concerned for their very souls that are at war within them. I'm concerned about the deception that causes them to rage in the darkness. I'm concerned about the brokenness and deep bitterness in their hearts that requires that they find a scapegoat (women) to rail against. It makes me sad for them to see the depths to which they have fallen. If they actually do make it into heaven, I don't think that they would be comfortable there.

Again, follow these links only if you can go there without their words getting under your skin. And if you do follow them, keep in mind that these men heap judgement upon themselves because, by the measure they judge others, they, themselves, will be judged. May they escape the pit that they have fallen into and find true freedom in the God they falsely represent.

(Edited to add: I realize that the subject matter of this post is extremely toxic and promotes hate, bitterness, and spiritual death. I hope to post something more uplifting soon. Just bear with me as I learn to glance at the deep and severe bitterness of broken and wounded men without feeding into it or returning curses upon those who spew out curses. It's a step we all have to take at one time or another. Some of us are ready for it. Others are not and must heal some more before they can deal with it.)

Edited again to state that the link, "A Woman's Place" was someone's colorful interpretation of what a certain hateful preacher said and not what an actual Christian said. So I removed it and replaced it with another link. Thanks for the heads up from Retha and the confirmation from Anne.

Also, I put this in the comment section to Retha, but decide to go ahead and put it here so people can link it directly. The blog itself is a good, though now inactive, blog. But what it talks about and some of the comments display this hatred and misogyny we see by those who profess to be Christian.


Incongruous Circumspection said...

You know, I might be a naughty person, but these links didn't make me recoil in horror. They actually made me laugh.

To put something of that caliber out there in print for the world to see is pretty fatal in today's mainstream culture. These two idiots cannot back down from this or try to be two-faced when asked by CNN whether they really mean what they say.

Anyway, you have inspired something in me and I feel like writing.

Maybe: What the Bible requires of men. Hehe...that should be fun.

Mara Reid said...

I appreciate you comment. It means a lot.

I'm also glad you can laugh out loud at this. I can't yet. It still makes me sad. At least I don't feel the 'put up your dukes' recoil that these things used to inspire in me.

Retha said...

Mara that first link is seemingly an overview of the horrible opinions of David J Stewart, a writer for the website in your second link. But the links it gives do not prove (I looked quickly and others may prove me wrong) that Stewart, disgusting as he is, actually said all those things?

But what the Stewart guy really does say is as bad as your second link.

Mara Reid said...

Thanks for the head's up.
So what your are saying is that this is someone's interpretation of what they think Stewart is saying or what is going on in his mind, uncut?

Anne posted these over at bwe and she she seemed to thing this blog belonged to Stewart and therefore, his thoughts that he doesn't actually sign his name to.

You disagree?

Well, either way, there are some very bad attitudes concerning women. I don't think you were around for this:
(you'll have to cut and paste this one.)
The comment section contains comments from MarkyMark and shows that stark (as in not covert) misogyny is alive and well in portions of "The Church".