Monday, September 24, 2012

Hot Search -- Grace Driscoll

You would not believe the hits I get from people searching for information on Grace Driscoll, Shock Jock preacher Mark Driscoll's wife. People come to my site looking for information about her more than any other reason. In fact, I get 8 times the amount of traffic looking for her than I do for Mark Driscoll, himself.

The people coming to my site are looking for three different things concerning her.

Most people come looking for information concerning her affair. I'm pretty sure that they mean the time when she and Mark first started dating and she had sex with someone else. Seriously, I don't know how they can determine that this could even be called an affair since, a far a I know, they weren't even engaged yet. But Mark makes such a big deal concerning it in his book, I guess people don't know what else to call it.  Or maybe people are hoping to find juicy info on a current affair because they love gossip or perhaps Mark's internet watchdogs are the ones coming here, making sure Grace really isn't having an affair today. It's hard to tell.

The next group of people come here looking for Grace Driscoll's blog. I guess they are very interested in whatever she has to say, being married to a celebrity preacher and prima donna attention seeker.

The third group with the biggest hits are the ones looking for Grace Driscoll abuse. I guess, because they, like me, cannot watch the rantings and ravings of her lunatic husband displaying his misogyny without wondering what kind of abuse Grace is experiencing at home. It's hard to believe that there isn't any going on.

Anyway, as a service to all the people coming here looking for something, anything, about Grace Driscoll I'm going to put a link here so you can see everything I have ever said about her, which isn't much. But at least you can find it all in one spot.

Everything that I have ever said about Grace Driscoll on this blog including the letter my friend Charis wrote to her.

There. Now you have it.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Esther--Bible Hero

That's what I said. She's a Bible hero like Moses and David. She's not a whore or somehow sexually immoral or any of the boxes that Mark Driscoll has made for her with his false teaching and misguided attack on her character. She will not fit into the cheap, modern stereotypes that he would like to flippantly dismiss her to.

Esther Actually

Driscoll, please. Your total lack of understanding of sound teaching is getting embarrassing.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Graffiti Artist Gets Driscoll

David Hayward, over at Naked Pastor, totally gets the way Driscoll thinks about women.

Woman = Whore

I've seen Driscoll whorify the Song of Solomon. Guess he's moving on to whorify the Book of Esther. Who will stop this misogynic steam roller who has the gall to call himself a teacher?

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Spiritual Abuse Survivor from New Zealand

A New Zealander is presently visiting the United States and has encountered the Bible Belt. That's okay, except that this New Zealander, Grace Bridges, has been spiritually abused in the past and sometimes those who have not made room for even the possibility of spiritual abuse, they simply don't understand.

Here is her explanation to her Bible Belt internet friends as to why she behaves the way she does.

My Battered Faith Meets the Bible Belt

And if you follow her links, you will see a bit more of her story and a bit about her book that she wrote in response to the abuse. Grace writes Science Fiction.

Edited to add: Grace's spiritual abuse actually occurred in Germany rather than New Zealand, so I updated the title to reflect this.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Tolk-a-mentalists vs Fundamentalists.

Nick is back and commenting under the "Political Leaders Make Poor Teachers" post. I'm sure most are missing our lively conversation which is fine. There are bits and pieces that would probably only interest Nick and myself. But I did want to bring to the forefront and interesting parallel that he has pointed out.

"The thing about Tolkien die-hards not liking the films is an interesting one. You're right; inevitably, Jackson had to take certain liberties to make it work cinematically. Also, the characterisation and sub-plots are subject to interpretation. But people get stuck on their own interpretations of Tolkien, and hey presto: Tolkien fundamentalism. There are those who seem to forget that he only wrote it as a story, and Middle Earth is only pretend! I think Jackson did a decent job, personally. Essentially, he told us: this is what I think Tolkien's Middle Earth would be like to live in. There are differences, but he certainly produced an amazing spectacle. 

All of which kind of brings us back on topic. Tolkien is dead, and Tolk-a-mentalists are free to argue ad nauseum about who has the correct interpretation of his work. But the Holy Spirit is not dead."
Again, thanks Nick for tools and insights for helping us understand the things we deal with.