Saturday, January 23, 2016

A Little Fallout from Mars Hill

During the hey days of Mars Hill, before the fall, before the accusations of plagiarism, before and during the whirlwind promotion of his Real Marriage book, I knew that his teachings were having negative impacts on women.

You could not honestly analyze his teachings and come away thinking, "This is healthy for women, men, and marriages,"

But I couldn't find women claiming or admitting that the teachings were hurting them.

Now, years later, we see them coming forward. Here is one:

Regular attender, Female

In her comments about the negative aspects of Mars Hill, this is what she said:

"The Song of Solomon and Real Marriage series nearly ruined our marriage. During SoS we were told that because we weren't having enough sex (according to the guidelines presented by Mark) and our sex life wasn't passionate and exciting enough (according to guidelines), we were in sin and not upholding biblical teachings on giving of our bodies to each other."

She said much more if you'd like to read it. Just follow the link above.

And as a bonus, here is another Female Attender, this one from Orange County who said:

"The teaching being black and white with no gray area left our marriage with what felt like no grace.  When I disagreed with Driscoll's interpretation of scripture my husband would say things like 'are you even a Christian?  You just don't agree because you don't want to follow that part of the Bible.'"

Mars Hill was bad for women. And it gave ammunition to men to control and manipulate their wives.