Friday, April 20, 2012

Doug Wilson is a Misogynist

No newsflash there. The newsflash is that I'm even uttering his name on my blog. Doug Wilson is so far gone over the cuckoo edge that I rarely talk about him. I leave that to the blogs that deal directly with outright, blatant patriarchy.

But Wenatchee the Hatchet has a good piece concerning someone's response to Wilson's blog post on rooting out feminine expression in worship.

WTH's posts a link to John's response to Wilson's accusations against the feminine. To get directly to Wilson's accusations, go to the link at the top of WTH's post and find the link in John's piece to Wilson's misogyny and tireless effort to condemn and marginalize all that is feminine.

Skimming Wilson's words and seeing the beginning of "The D'Vinci Code" the other night got my brain moving and I left a comment on WTH's comment thread that I'll repost here.

"I saw the beginning of the "D'Vinci Code" again the other night.

Yes, I know. I absolutely don't agree with the author's conclusions about Mary Madeline (a different Mary) and her relationship with Jesus.

But I use it as an example of what happens when men work so hard to press the feminine out of church history and worship.

Mary M. was a disciple of Christ. And Jesus loved her as such. And there may have even been some jealously on Peter's part concerning their close platonic relationship.

However, men reducing her to a prostitute and striping away any 'inner discipleshipness' from her sets our culture up and makes it ripe for stupid conclusions like the "D'Vinci Code".

Men, like Doug Wilson, hate the feminine so much that they, first accuse the feminine of whatever they don't like in church, then try to eradicate it from Christian expression.

Stupid, stupid men. Then they wonder why both women and men reject off-balanced, over-testosteroned Christianity for something a little more balanced, like Atheism or Paganism.

Sorry, you probably didn't write this to get this kind of response, but watching the D'Vinci Code so recently, then reading this post and glancing at D.Wilson's misogynist blog was too much of a temptation to not bring it up."

Anyone else have any comments concerning this stuff.

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