Monday, September 7, 2015

The Patriarchs' Second Lie to Women

The first lie of the patriarchs is that patriarchy is the prescribed biblical way of doing families. This simply is not true. Jesus actually spoke against it. I pointed this out back in 2011 with the post I Heard It Said Once in which I gave scriptural proof that Jesus did not support patriarchy as the biblical model.

The second lie of patriarchy is that patriarchy protects women and children.

One of my top ten posts links to the story of Doug Phillips, formerly respected patriarch and patriarchy pusher. Katie Botkin's post In Which Lourdes Petitions for a Lifeboat, points out that Doug Phillips was the founder of something called The Christian Men and Boys Titanic Society. This society would commemorate the sinking of the Titanic every year "praising the patriarchal Christian men who sacrificed their lives in favor of putting “women and children first."

But as was seen Phillips was far more concerned with the perks of being a patriarch than any protection it was suppose to offer. He liked having the perk of a live-in nanny that he could sexually abuse rather than protect. When the story broke concerning this nanny he abused, he and his wife were ready to throw the nanny under the bus, or shall we say, push her out of the lifeboat so they could get in it.

This was over a year ago.

Now we have another patriarch who has proven that patriarchs are, indeed, not concerned for women and children, but rather are concerned with themselves, their positions, and their reputations.
Doug Wilson married a gullible young lady to a known pedophile. When it turned out that this pedophile abuse a son born from this marriage Wilson expressed concern for his own reputation and the pedophile. No mention of any concern for either the mother or child is expressed in his response to the criticism he has incurred for promoting and blessing the marriage.

Sarah Korchinski has created a lovely Maury Lie Detector meme that I what to share concerning the second lie of patriarchy.

So, no, Virginia. Not only is Patriarchy not biblical, it also does not protect women and children. It makes them vulnerable to the abuse of patriarchs, mere men who want to be worshiped as gods in their homes and churches.

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