Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Far Graver Issue Than Driscoll

At least this is what a commentor on Throckmorton's claims.
Someone commenting under the name "Win" has brought up the issue of the ESV and it's false rise to success. He/She claims that it "is a far graver issue than the geographically isolated Driscoll situation." While I disagree with the thinking that the Driscoll situation is 'geographically isolated', I agree that the ESV situation is graver.

Here is a link to the comment: Win's words on the ESV

(note: posting this mostly so I can find it myself later)
(note #2: yes, still planning on finishing my critique of the Songs study guide.)

Monday, January 5, 2015

My Apologies

The Holidays are always very busy, energy zapping, and disorienting at my house.
But this year they hit even harder than usual.
I haven't forgotten about my critique of the Song of Songs study guide. I'm still not done shining the light of truth on it in order to expose  it for what it is, a worthless piece of tripe.
The problem is that with such a convoluted and misleading piece, it takes a bit more time that what I have to expose the layers of fraud and deceit involved in making it.
I hope to get back to this soon. But alas, I'm still recovering from the Holidays.
So here's to hoping that I can wrap this critique up sometime in the near future.