Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Pride Goes before a Fall

Pastor Jack " it would be a cold day in Hell before I get my theology from a woman" Schaap was taken down by a woman. Or a 16 year old girl, actually

Hammond Pastor Dismissed

And for the clip where Jack disses all women, for those who haven't seen it,

here it is

Sexist Preacher Jack Schaap

Proverbs 16:18 Pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before stumbling. (NAS)

A Good Reminder

This is very helpful to me.
Men like Piper, Driscoll, et al have made themselves so huge because of their internet presence that I need a reminder like this every now and again.

Gender, Race Pentecost: The World Has Moved On

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fidelity and Shades of Grey

If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with b.s. -W.C. Fields.

Sin is very good at hiding within the boundaries of the church. Educated men using big words aid and abet sin in hiding so that it is able to become entrenched and cause great damage. Doug Wilson is such a man who aids and abets the sin of dominance and oppression within church and marriage.

The sorry, sad thing is that Doug Wilson has worked so hard to make the sin of the gentiles (lording over one another) applicable in the church, especially in marriage of men lording over women, that he has profoundly deceived himself into believing that what he teaches is actually the Bible. What is much sadder still is he has deceived other, supposed brilliant men, like John Piper, Mark Driscoll, and Jared Wilson. Which causes one to wonder. Are our internationally known leaders really that brilliant. Or do they just really like being baffled by b.s parading around as truth.

I could go into great length and explain. But why? When Wade Burleson has done a better job that I could.

The Only Thing Worse than a Church Full of Women Reading 50 Shades of Grey Is a Church Full of Men Reading Fidelity: What It Means To Be a One Woman Man

The above link seems to be broken. Here's another attempt (12/10/14):
Wayne's blog of Wilson and 50 Shades of Grey.

Life is better lived when there are strong men who join in the fight with women against the oppressive teachings promoted by brilliant bafflers like Doug Wilson.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

New Feature on FBWTS

Over a month ago I put up a post noting the top ten, all time, posts here at FBWTS just cause I can. And also because I wanted newer people here to see the best of.

But it's funny how things can change. So I decided to go ahead and put the popular posts up in my side bar for the sake of busy people who are just passing through who only wanted to read what was said here about Grace Driscoll's Affair, her blog, and her abuse. (Yes, I get all three of those hit very regularly.)
Plus, any of those busy people can check out the other things that other people thought were worth linking or visiting more than once.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Wilson Fell over the Cuckoo's Edge

Yep, Doug Wilson fell over the edge some time ago. This part is clear. What isn't clear is why people still support the man. Why does John Piper and Mark Driscoll support him? What is wrong with these and other men? And women? I could venture several guesses. But rather than do that, I'll just link a post up at The Wartburg Watch that lays things out for those who wonder at my alarm over this supposed representation of Christianity.

Doug Wilson: Fashionable Calvinista Has Disturbing Views on Slavery

John Piper thinks that Doug Wilson is brilliant and the people around him are dumb. Here's proof. Check it out starting around the one minute mark.

John Piper on Doug Wilson

(Driscoll and that other dweeb that fist bump behind Piper must think Wilson and Piper are brilliant and everyone who doesn't agree is dumb, too.)

Excellent Explanation of the Error of Infaliblity

Doubtful, whose comments I appreciate over at The Wartburg Watch, has a post up on his blog this month that I think really hits the nail on the head as to what is wrong with many pastors, especially celebrity pastors, like Mark Driscoll and John Piper.

Stand Over There...And I'll Throw Rocks over Your Head

Good points.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Pursue Love... Not Joy... Not Christian Hedonism

I have't picked on Piper for a while.
Apparently men still worship his words and defend his honor. You see this around the Blogsphere.
It gets tiring, to say the least.
Piper is off-balanced. He takes tertiary things and makes them main things. His view on women is one of these things saying such things that if people don't agree with his view on Manhood and Womanhood they may be saved, but they do violence to the gospel. Whatever.

Another thing he does is take joy from it's proper place and shove it up to the front of the line before love.
It amazes me that he can do this, seriously, yet claim to be a Bible scholar with a straight face.
Rather than go into this myself, there is an old article on this that I want to share.

Myth: To Reject Christian Hedonism is to Reject Joy

I don't know where Christians get this all or nothing thinking. But it's not healthy.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ignoring the Best Bits from the Song of Solomon

I get the most amazing hits here.
The two biggest concern Grace Driscoll. One is "Grace Driscoll Affair" and the other is "Grace Driscoll Abuse". I also get hits concerning Baal Worship, Doug Wilson or Voddie Bauchman being Misogynists, stripping women, anal issues (gee. I wonder why.) etc.

Recently I finally got the hit "sex a study of the good bits from Song of Solomon".
That title has always bothered me. The contents of the message that goes by that title are so disturbing they have been the focus of many a blog including my own tiny blog and the great John MacArthur's blog.

Getting this hit has stirred up my ire, again, concerning this title. The good bits from the Song of Solomon? The good bits according to whom? A porn addict trying to clean up and make acceptable that which is sold in porn magazines? A sex crazed dog sniffing at the behind of his b----? (sorry b---- is the actual term used for female dogs in the breeding industry.)

You see, the good bits that Mark Driscoll picked out for his infamous message in Scotland, besides being blatantly misinterpreted, are all about pornographic sex and forcing wives into engaging in it. Every other message that Mark Driscoll teaches concerning the Song of Solomon ignores the over all theme of the book. Driscoll is so hyper-focused on getting as much pornographic sex out of Grace (and as much money from everybody else) as he can that he ignores what the book is actually about.

One of the great themes of the Song of Solomon is completely ignored by Driscoll. That theme is the progression of a woman from the state of being oppressed to the state of being empowered.

It is highly understandable that Driscoll would completely ignore the best part of the Song of Solomon if it is about empowering a woman, any woman, since Driscoll is all about raising men up and putting women down into the little boxes that he wants women to say in. (Bonus feature: Here's one of the little boxes that he wants the Song of Solomon to stay in.)

I have an old post that deals with the first and last of the Song of Solomon.
But to lay it out briefly, here are the first and last verses which show, in chapter one, her slave status and her oppression by her 'brothers' (kind of like the supposed 'brothers' in the church who do all they can to put women down) and chapter 8 where she is in charge of her own vineyard and is the boss over those who take care of it for her (plus, she is free to do with it's fruit as she pleases and she chooses to give a portion to her husband and lover who helped her in her progress from slave to queen.)

Song of Songs 1:5 I am black but lovely, O daughters of Jerusalem, Like the tents of Kedar, Like the curtains of Solomon.

Vs 6 Do not stare at me because I am swarthy (dark), For the sun had burned me. My mother's sons were angry with me; They made me caretaker of the vineyard, But I have not taken care of my own vineyard.

Song of Songs 8:11 Solomon had a vineyard at Baal-hamon; he entrusted the vineyard to caretakers; Each one was to bring a thousand shekels of silver for its fruit.

Vs 12 My very own vineyard is at my disposal; The thousand shekels are for you, Solomon, And two hundred are for those who take care of its fruit.

For more detail on these verses, read my commentary on these verses here: First and Last Overview, SoS

And here is a middle verse to add to this:

Song of Solomon 6
10 ‘Who is this that grows like the dawn,
As beautiful as the full moon,
As pure as the sun,
As awesome as an army with banners?’
11 11 “I went down to the orchard of nut trees
To see the blossoms of the valley,
To see whether the vine had budded
Or the pomegranates had bloomed.
12 12 “Before I was aware, my soul set me
Over the chariots of my noble people.”

Verse 10 are the words of the 'chorus' speaking about the beloved, the female in this love story. She is becoming strong and awesome. Verses 11 and 12 are the words of the beloved. Verse 12, specifically speaks of her surprise at how she has been strengthened in her inner man (soul) so that now she is set over chariots. This could be either figuratively and/or literally. Figuratively it would just imply that she has been strengthened. Literally, it would imply, due to her marriage to the King, she has authority that she is only now becoming aware of.

There are more verses like this in The Song of Solomon that point to this great theme. But anyone learning about "the good bits" according to Driscoll will never see them. The last thing he wants is for any woman to be in charge of her own vineyard. Driscoll wants to keep women in Songs 1:6, under the thumb of her brother/husband (and ultimately Driscoll, himself, another false brother) and unable to take care of her own gifts and callings.

So, yeah. Driscoll's study of the good bits of The Song of Solomon is really a study in how he can strip women of dignity and turn them into their husbands' personal sex slaves for Jesus. It is deplorable and perhaps even taking God's name in vain declaring that Jesus commands women to do things Jesus has never said or even thought to say.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Justice a Long Time Coming

Back in 2010 I wrote a post concerning the wounded healer. Those who have been with me since then will remember it. It was my number one post with the most hits for some time until Charis's "Dear Grace Driscoll" passed it up. It stirred up a bit of a debate and uncovered some misunderstanding concerning the concept of the wounded healer.
Here is a link to it for those who care to review it or read it for the first time:
The Wounded Healer

I briefly mentioned towards the end of that post, mostly in passing, a news piece concerning a man who visited a retired priest in a nursing home. This priest had sexually abused the man when he was a boy. The man went to confront the priest and when the priest refused to admit wrongdoing, the man hit him.
The case came to trial and the man was acquitted.
Alleged rape victim acquitted in priest assault

I believe that this course of events speaks loud and clear. Those who abuse with impunity in the church will not always get away with it. Sometimes justice does come. It may take a long time. It may wait until you are old, decrepit, and helpless in a nursing home. But sometimes justice does come with a vengeance and bites you when you least expect it.

Abusers beware. It's not as safe for you as you think it is.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Remembering Those Still in Bondage

Happy Independence day to all my U.S. friends!
Hope your festivities are going well.

I, for one, appreciate living in a country where I am free. Not everyone does, you know.

But what really bothers me is that there are people who live in this country who are not free. They are held in bondage by the commandments of deeply deceived men. They are not only held in this bondage, their very lives are at stake. They have been brainwashed by a misogynist and abusive religious system that has falsely stamped itself as "Christian". There is nothing Christian about this system that promotes abuse and dangerous situations for women.

Rather than continuing my rant and going on and on about how awful things are, let me direct you to an example of how bad things are.

Portrait of a Lady

See what I mean?