Friday, December 27, 2013

Former Porn Star Speaks Out.

Don't go here if talk of porn offends you.

But do go here if you are under the delusion that porn is glamorous and that the girls in the pictures and videos are actually enjoying what it going on.

The truth about porn with Tamra Toryn.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Piper's Poem Problems

Yes, I read it. No, I couldn't get past the first scene in the video, though I may try again some other time. I was turned off by the fact that Calvinism is for a lot of young white men, a few older white men and then pretty much nobody else, including all women who, though they receive a title and mention of high praise, they really are nothing to the Calvinist but a parable. I'm a person. Not a parable.

That aside, two others have written on this self-absorbed and self-obsessed poem that put a lot more thought into what is really wrong with it than what I could get into. Hey, I'm tired of being marginalized by John Piper and his ilk. Analyzing his dismissive tone towards me and all women is not what I would call a good use of my time. But I don't mind reading other musings on Piper's pathetic pontifications, a poem that is an assault on both poetry and any doctrine not whoring after Calvinism.

Update: The Self-obsessed Calvinist


John Piper's WAMM Calvinist (White American Middle-class Male)

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Mefferd Silenced by the Mars Hill Machine and Friends

I guess none of my Mefferd links are going to work any more. I think I'll leave them up as testimony to the spiritually bankrupt, ethically challenged Mars Hill Machine Church.

But I have some new links for you all thanks to a heads up from a commenter (Daisy) on TWW.

New Twist in Mark Driscoll Plagiarism Scandel: 'You may not go up against the machine'
On 'Right Wing Watch'

I Told You This Was No Boat Accident
On 'Fighting for the Faith'

Then this one for fun, also on 'Fighting for the Faith'

Mark Driscoll 2014 Plagiarism Calander

I never would have guessed that there actually was an Evangelical Mafia. But apparently there is and it has full authority and they have silenced Mefferd.

May Evangelical Mafia's authority crumble. May their cash flow cease. And may those in charge humble themselves and get (re)acquainted with Jesus Christ whom they claim to serve.

I don't know about anybody else, but I may be boycotting Tyndale indefinitely.