Tuesday, November 26, 2013

More Driscoll Plagerism

Mefferd is at it again. She is holding Driscoll's feet to the fire.

Driscoll is guilty of plagiarism. It needs to be fixed.

People are smearing Mefferd for pointing out the problem. The people smearing her are screwed in the head. She's not the problem. She's pointing out the problem. Plagiarism.

Those who can, stand with Mefferd as she stands for what is right.

Here is the link to her show today where she further exposes the ridiculous amount of plagiarism going on in the Mars Hill world.

Mefferd Radio Show 11/26/2013 part 2. Driscoll is guilty.

Friday, November 22, 2013

More on Love and Respect

Thanks to Shadowspring over at Loving, Learning, Liberty for the heads up on this one.

We talked about Love and Respect here before. Sarah over the Moon has a nice analysis of it and the Movie "Fireproof".

Here are her observations:

What "Love and Respect" and "Fireproof" Teach Abusers and their Victims.

We have looked at "Love and Respect" here before under a blog post called: Unconditional Respect?

In fact, I wanted to leave a comment on Sarah's blog about it but disqus and I have never gotten along. But I was going to link Unconditional Respect in a comment there. Oh well. Guess that's not going to happen.

Driscoll in over his head with Mefferd

Yep, He tried to side step, take the moral high ground, attack Mefferd... Whatever he could do to throw her off her confrontation concerning another allegation of Plagiarism. But he found she was way tougher than he bargained for. And she had the moral high ground from the get go. There was no way he could take it from her. So he just hung up before the interview was over. Quite the manly man, that Driscoll (snort).

Mefferd confronts Driscoll's theft of intellectual property and wins debate.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Hannah's Piece on Stumbling Blocks

Give it a looksee. Her perspective on what is going on in the legalistic Christian world vs apparent true faith of another certain church leader is very insightful.

Stumbling Blocks of the Church

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Stealthy Attacks on Womanhood

Or perhaps a better way of saying it is... Greeks bearing gifts attacks... or Trojan horse attacks.

Because this is what American Evangelicals subject themselves when they embrace the little-by-little infiltration of groups like Vision Forum and men like Doug Wilson.

When American Evangelicals embrace VF, ATI, or Doug Wilson, they are receiving that which will destroy them and their credibility.

Thanks to A Woman's Freedom in Christ for the heads up on the comment I'm about to link. The comment highlights how overbearingly oppressive and unchristian groups like VF really are. So many are sweeping Doug Phillips indiscretions and resignation under the rug when they should be examining more closely the doctrine of his group that hands out oppression to women and children while setting men up as Lords and Kings in their home. There doctrine allows men to arbitrarily make life miserable or bearable according to their mode, personality, and disposition. And this doctrine forces women and children to stay in situations that are abusive and not fit for animals.

Here is the comment of someone who has studied these groups.

Bee Keeper's Study of Patriarchy

We must stand against both the brazen attacks of Doug Wilson and Tim Challies on womenhood and the sneaky movement coming from those trying to make Vision Forum more mainstream.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Another Attack on Womanhood...

Are you listening Ryan over at Wartburg Watch (see previous post).

This is actually an old one. But I'm bringing it to the forefront and reposting it so that Ryan can see that Womanhood is being attacked by the leaders of the Evangelical movement.

Tim Challies is a respected leader among his subgroup of Evangelicals. And apparently he has seen something that he doesn't like. And in order to fight it, he has polarized it into gender forms, making the masculine good, strong, and right and what he doesn't like as effeminate (weak and accepting of wrong).

His polarizing and defining, making masculine good and feminine evil is another example of the war on womanhood being carried out everyday by those who are defending manhood from perceived attackers.

Still, I don't see a war on Manhood in any of this. But I do see a lot of men claiming that there is a war on it. These men get on the offensive and start attacking whoever they think they should blame, namely the feminine (again, like Adam blaming Eve) when really, it is a manufactured and propaganda propelled war.

Here is the old post reprinted out, complete with links to Challies and places that refute what he's saying. I originally wrote this post back in the days before I understood how to work the blogger linky thingy. Back then I just cut and pasted the links 'as is' into the post.

(Note: I was a bit upset back in the day I wrote this. I'm still not happy with Challies and his conclusions, but I'm not nearly as angry today as I was then. But I'm not ashamed of my back then anger. There is a reason to be angry with this war that men have declared against the feminine. It is wrong.)


Soft Effeminate Christianity. ROTFL!

I read this and all I could do was laugh.
The famous Tim Challies, who has caused a stir in the blog world by declaring that women cannot even read scripture out loud in the public assembly has decided to quote Horatius Bonar. In fact, he entitled and entire post "Soft, Effeminate Christianity" in order to quote Bonar. He says this about Bonar's quote that he reprints.

Tim Challies: "Bonar is warning against a kind of soft and, in his word, effeminate Christianity, that may come about when Christians are too afraid to fight for what is right and to protest against what is wrong."

Why am I laughing at this?
Because of his hypocrisy and blatant hatred of the feminine. These pushers of gender roles force women down into a soft, submissive, subservient role THEN show hatred for such things in the church.

Well, let me tell you Tim Challies, who wants to turn women into little helpless lambs. Let me tell you this. You and your cohorts' relentless pursuit to dis-empower and bring into bondage, women, half or over half of the body of Christ... This pursuit is blowing up in you face.

More and more women are done with all the rules men keep making up for them.
I'll give you a few examples:

These are mother grizzlies and lionesses who are not afraid to fight for what is right and to protest against what is wrong. And your stance on women reading scripture in the public assembly and your support of C.J Mahaney are both dead wrong. These women are not afraid to declare it. They are very feminine. But they are strong and powerful, able to preach and teach men of their wrong. And yes, they are able to prophesy in the name of Jesus. No amount of Scripture twisting by you and others is able to take away from them the promise of Almighty God.

The real problem in all of this is your refusal to hear about the wrong that you commit against all of your sisters and many of your brothers.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Is 'Manhood' Under Attack?... Really?!

Nothing like beating a dead horse.

Except it's not really dead yet.

The Wartburg Watch had a post back in September entitled "Act Like Men-Are Driscoll/MacDonald Merchandising Manhood?"

That's a long time ago in blog years. So why is a certain fellow named 'Ryan' coming along and commenting on it yesterday,  on November 5th?

Why is he saying, "my sense is that manhood is under attack and virtually neutered from the modern mainline churches. Do you believe this is ok? God honoring?"

So Ryan feels attacked in his manhood, right?
And Ryan wants to know if I feel it's okay and God honoring for the mainline churches to attack his manhood.

Well, here it is. If manhood is truly being attacked, then, no, I don't feel it's okay or God honoring. The problem is, Ryan has offered no proof that this is going on. So I can't make a stand on this issue due to lack of proof.

Now, here is my question to Ryan.

Do you think it is right to, first of all, accuse everything you hate about certain worship services as being "effeminate" and then declaring that all these things are evil, thereby indirectly attacking the feminine and deciding that masculine rules while the feminine drools.

Well, this is what Doug Wilson does in his, "Your Worship Service Might Be Effeminate If..."

This is well responded to by Internet Monk in "Esau Christianity, Doug Wilson Needs a Bible Study." and Board's Head in "Mary vs Effeminacy"

Also, Wilson is quick to blame anyone that he's mad at as serving the b!tch goddess of (fill in the blank as pertaining to whatever he's ranting about). This misogynist behavior is observed by Wenatchee the Hatchet in his "Doug Wilson almost channel's Eric Cartman."

Now, granted, the Wartburg comment thread is talking about Driscoll and MacDonald so one may wonder what the heck Doug Wilson has to do with any of this. Well I'm going to provide a link to a video of John Piper praising Doug Wilson while Chandler and Driscoll fist bump behind him. In the video, John Piper states at the 58 second mark (while Driscoll agrees with laughter and fist bump):

"Doug Wilson is one of the most careful and bright, reform, post millennial, objectivist, theologians around... and he's got people around him that are dumb. (laughter... fist bump... more laughter)"

Link to youtube video John Piper on Doug Wilson

So this is what Piper has to say about Wilson. That Wilson is brilliant and everyone else is dumb. Yet, as WTH points out, Wilson almost channels Eric Cartman (South Park) in his hatred and attack on the feminine.

I have proved that the feminine is being attacked in Evangelical circles.

What does Ryan have to say about that?
Is there anyone attacking 'manhood' in mainline denominations as vicious as Wilson hates and attacks the feminine?
I doubt it.
But I'm willing to see any proof Ryan can provide.