Saturday, March 30, 2013

Doing Mega Churches Wrong

I'm not a huge fan of mega churches to begin with.
And I even went to one for a short time.
Without going into details, the mega church that I went to did mega churching as well as could be expected. But the pastor there started off in missions. He'd already started churches in the U.S and over seas. He had a particular large church as a home base while he went over seas. The pastor that he left in charge kind of took over and rather than make a great big dispute, the missionary pastor just started another church. That pastor had the right attitude toward his church and the members in it. He was humble in dealing with people treating them as fellow heirs of the promise. They fed the hungry, had a missions and ministry school sending out people to start churches world wide,  and were huge supporters of U.S, and International missionaries alike. That pastor did mega churching as well as it could be done. It was global in the best, most godly sense.

Mark Driscoll does mega churching wrong. He has the wrong attitude. He'd never walk away from a church willingly. Rather, he'd throw people under the bus in order to bolster his position as ruler over the church. And he holds onto whatever churches he starts with an iron fist.
There is a lot wrong with the way Driscoll does church. For someone who actually went to a fairly well run mega church, watching anything Driscoll does just makes me cringe.

Now, with a multi-million dollar budget, Driscoll claims that Mars Hill is not a wealthy church. What the heck does he hope to accomplish by that move? Whatever it is, it can't be good. Will the insanity in Seattle ever end?

Apparently Mark Driscoll now says of Mars Hill, "We're not a wealthy church."

[mege eye-roll from me over mega church shenanigans by mega church pastors who shouldn't be.]

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Story of Abuse

Here is a terribly disheartening story of abuse that must be heard far and wide to see how far things have gotten in IFB churches and at BJU. The blatant injustice that this woman experienced at the hands of these religious institutions needs to be exposed.
If you have means, please pass this story on so that we can blow the lid off of these aberrant institutions.

A Christianity To Make Satan Proud

Thanks to Retha for the heads up on this one.