Series 2008 and 2009

(Also under construction)
There are several series on this blog. And since it's getting new readers all the time, I thought I'd share some links to older ones that some of the new readers might enjoy.

My Incomplete Series on Song of Solomon
The fact of the matter is... Even though meditating on the Song of Solomon (SoS) was instrumental to my overcoming bitterness, trying to pass that along to others proved to be a challenge in the Winter and Spring of 2009. So I hem and hawed a little, sputtered and stopped and started up again. THEN I found out about Driscoll's approach and it so infuriated me, I started working on this series in earnest. But I didn't finish that either. Anyway, what I have gotten done I've divided into BD and AD (Before Driscoll and After Driscoll). If any part of this series ministers to you, then good. If not, then that's okay too. Before it's over I'll have two guest series up on SoS that are completely different than mine. And this doesn't worry me. SoS is poetry after all. Different people come to it at different stages in their lives with different needs. SoS is big enough to met individuals where they are.

Before my introduction to Driscoll
A Book In the Bible I Used To Avoid
The Best Of The Songs
Not About Sex At Least Not For Me At This Time
Lovers and Fighters, Praisers and Mourners, Fools and Sages
Involving the Senses In Worship
Failure To Attach
New Approach
What Is Hidden In SoS
First and Last Overview, SoS

After my introduction to Driscoll (coming soon)

Do You Believe in Dreams (January 2009)
If you are one who believes that dreams and visions are not for today, then skip this series. If you are not bothered by dreams and believe that sometimes things can be learned through dreams, you might want to look this series over.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

The Fear of God
I wrote this one in December of 2008. I have observed some things concerning the lack of the fear of God among those in positions of authority (both real and perceived). Those that abuse do not realize that they lack a true fear of God.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4