Monday, March 7, 2016

Natalie Greenfield Tells Her Story

Doug Wilson wants her to shut up. But she won't. And I thank God for that. Because men like Wilson are a blight in the Christian culture. They are the flies in the ointment.

So anyway, Natalie has blogged her story several years. Now she has had the opportunity to tell her story out loud in front of people:
My talk at the University of Idaho

Give her a listen. Find out why Doug wants her to shut up.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

A Little More Fallout from Mars Hill

I guess Driscoll and Co. is getting sued for Racketeering. Crazy stuff going on.

And in looking back at the Mars Hill Madness and Peasant Princess Pandemic I'm going to link another post concerning the fallout from that lecherous loser's legacy.

This was actually written a year and a half ago but I missed it due to personal busyness. Again it is about Driscoll's sex-saturated teachings on The Songs and the damage it did to a couple and their marriage.

Mark Driscoll and Christian Rape Culture

Also, as a side note, due to the the few hits I've gotten on the Songs I'm going to link a few old posts I wrote back in the day that counteract a bit of Driscoll's devastating doctine.


It's Not about You
(In which we talk about how The Songs is not just about the husband's raging needs for sex and the wife's obligation to make sure he gets unlimited amounts of it.)

First and Last Overview, SoS
(In which we talk about the progressive nature of the healing of the Beloved from the beginning of the book to the end. I imply here, but do not state outright, that the Songs are chronological in nature. This is something Driscoll denies out of hand without supporting. He has to deny it. Some of the Best Bits that he over-sexualizes and make all about his favorite sex acts... some of the Best Bits occur before the marriage chapter. But the poem is very progressive as you will see in these first and last verses we discuss here.)

Another "Suggestive" Premarital SoS Verse
(In which we talk about why the Beloved is referring to her her own breasts and needs and how Driscoll has taken that verse away from her and made it all about the husband and his needs.)

And finally:
Manipulating Scripture for Personal Benefit
(In which we talk about another verse that Driscoll takes away from the Beloved and gives to the Lover in order to put the husband's needs front and center. In the process, he ends up burying the wife's needs in the back yard so men don't have to think about that messy little detail.)

Edit, added as an after thought:
The Bedroom Police
(In which we talk about how Mark and Co. attack and accuse people who disagree claiming they are being prudes, sexually constipated, and overly restrictive in the bedroom. This accusation is a distraction and  ploy to get people's eyes off the true, self-appointed bedroom police, Mark Driscoll and all those accusing people of sin for not having enough 'god-ordained' sex.)

Another Edit, links added 3/6/16
Introducing Wanatchee the Hatchet
This is an intro to a series of guest posts by Wanatchee the Hatchet (WTH). In these guest posts WTH deconstructs Driscoll claim that the Songs can never, under any circumstances, ever be viewed as allegorical. WTH is uniquely qualified to answer Driscoll's claims as he was once a member of Driscoll's church and a respected part of the ministry.
The series has four parts that examine various aspects of Driscoll's assumptions and explains how and why Driscoll is wrong in his claim against any and all allegorical view of The Songs.
Here is a link to the series in total:
WTH on Driscoll's SOS

There is more written here, taking another view of The Songs other than Driscoll's over-saturated-with-sex version. You can get to many of them from the links above. But if there is a need, I can make a page that contains more links.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

ESV Shakes a Woman's Faith in God's Goodness

I need to be able to find this article again.
It demonstrates the masculinist bias against women in translating the ESV version of the Bible.
It demonstrates how the translators of the ESV straight up twisted scripture in order to make it say what they wanted it to say rather than let it speak for itself into the lives of men and women.
It demonstrates the blatant agenda of men who want to make women a footnote or afterthought to God rather than a co-heir and strong help.

Here is the link:
Footnoted: Was the Bible Written Only for Men?