Sunday, June 29, 2014

Driscoll and Deception

Or should I say, 'Driscoll and Spin'? Or perhaps 'Driscoll and Delusion'? Any number of titles would work. And I could replace the word 'Driscoll' with 'Mars Hill'. It's all the same. Long and short, the Spinmeisters are at it again as displayed by the findings and screen shots of Wenatchee the Hatchet (WTH).

When WTH sent me an email with the link to these new and very incrimination findings, I emailed him back.
I'd like to share with you some of what I wrote.

I've known something wasn't right with the man for some time. 
Early on I found precious few people who agreed with me and 
felt utterly compelled to sound the alarm.

Now I've met you, TWW, and see the work of Throckmorton. I see 
that I'm not only not alone, there are more informed and more 
qualified people to speak on this.

I'm almost feeling sorry for Driscoll now. I'm sorry that he 
got away with so much for so long and now it's all falling 
down around him. He appears to have developed no quality tools 
to deal with this collapse in any reasonable way. It's just 
more of the same schtick. But this time nearly everyone is 
seeing right through the deception.

I'm saying all of this to let you know, I so appreciate you 
speaking out reasonably, informatively, and objectively. You 
have been a rock when I've thrown up my hands in a tizzy 
wondering what the heck is wrong with everybody, being 
schmoozed so easily by this guy.

I'm going link this because it is just 
another amazing example of the character flaws in Driscoll. 
These flaws should have disqualified him years ago. Yes, I 
blame Driscoll. I also blame Grace a little bit. She should 
not have just rolled over and let him do these things. But 
mostly I blame the church for have ZERO levels of discernment. 
We are to be a shrewd as serpents and harmless as doves. Not 
stupid and enabling as sheep who have had frontal lobotomies.

Now, to the link of incriminating evidence that proves, once again, that Driscoll should have never been allowed to pastor a church:

Driscoll LIES about who was doing the premarital counseling in the early years of Mars Hill.

Honestly, I'm really starting to feel sorry for him. This doesn't mean I give him a pass or think he shouldn't be called into account for everyone he has hurt. But gosh darn it. After a while, watching someone make so many bad decisions, it just becomes painful to watch and I'm about ready to look away now.