Thursday, February 26, 2015

A Gem Lost in the Comment Section

I have moderation turned on for my comments.
When my life gets too busy, I don't get here often enough to check the comments in moderation. For this I am truly sorry.

So anyway, I've missed a comment that contained a poem I want others to see.
It is was left under a 2009 post called:
Manipulating Scripture for Personal Benefit.

Here is the poem

The "wife creed"
Distorted Faith - Distorted Love 
© Saina Veigel 

I met a pastor and he said that I am so very right: 
My wife truly needs to serve me day and night. 
She needs to be sweet and she needs to be kind.
And she has to be my sunshine. 

Regardless of my conduct, my sins and my shame. 
I am entitled to give her the blame. 
I rightfully posess power over her.
I am her husband, her lover. 
Whenever I want her to please me, she must.
I resent it when she calls my desires dirty lust. 

How dare she argue with me? For who is she? 
Don't argue! Don't upset me! Just serve me! 
She cries, "You don't love me!"
I want her. That's love. What else could it be?

But she resents my love, and I am confused.
I blow a fuse. 

No. I am not an angry man. 
I don't want to do her any harm. 
But I can't handle that she doesn't want to submit, 
and that's SHIT!
She's sinful not to meet my every wish.
She brings it all on herself: unhappiness and anquish.

She deserves to be rebuked and put in her place.
But if she behaves - she will find grace.
She has to obey me and love me and serve me. 
I am going to let her be 
as long as she is nice to me. 

That's my crede. That's what I believe. 
I'm so much like Jesus, don't you see? 

Thank you Saina for leaving this gem even though I found it a bit late.

Saina also left a message to men who have drunk deeply of deceptive doctrine that puffs them up. Go see what is said:
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