Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Fear of God, part 1

I've had several of encounters with other Christians on this path of life that I'd like to share.

I had a friend who married an abusive man back in the 80s. I've since lost track of her but am relieved to know that she is not still married to him. Her mother told me that marrying him was a huge mistake. That is should have never happened.

Anyway, my friend told me this story while she was still married to him.

They lived in an area in the Midwest near a fault line that I forgot the name of. The area doesn't experience many earth quakes, perhaps once a decade. But one of these rare quakes did occurred in the eighties. Apparently it frightened my friend's husband so much that he treated her much better afterward.

This man was religious. I've seen him witness to people on the streets to get them saved. And he believed in the end times.

This quake may have caused him to think that end was near. Perhaps he thought he better get his act together, including how he treated his wife.

But when the fear passed away, he became abusive again.

After hearing this story, I began to wonder if some abusers lack a healthy fear of God and His judgement on the wicked.

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