Friday, January 6, 2012

Driscoll on Marriage

Yes, I knew this book was coming. No, I was never planning on addressing it here. Why? There is not enough time in my day or patience in my heart for dealing with this kind of insanity.

But I did run across a few blog posts concerning it that I wanted to pass along so that people can be aware of the hubbub.

These I found out about today. And I'm sure there will be many more. I may add them to this post or put them in a new one.

But one of my favorite blog posts on Driscoll's book is and will always be WTH's post.

And as always, WTH's analysis of the big picture concerning Driscoll is always accurate, right on, and entertaining.

I especially like this quote from the following link:
Driscoll fanboys don't realize that Mark basically deserves this kind of backlash. If you're blind and groping forward and people see this they don't hold it against you if you know you're blind. If you claim to see and they can see that you don't see clearly then you stop being an object of sympathy and start being annoying.

Driscoll used to really get my goat. Now he just annoys the heck out of me. Why? Because he's a loud-mouthed know-it-all who doesn't know one tenth of what he thinks he knows. Why should his book on marriage be any different?
And yet so many find him so hip, with it, and entertaining. They get what they deserve.

Keep after it WTH. Keep cutting through all the noise and focusing in on what is really wrong (and in some cases, right) with this crazy little thing called modern evangelicalism Mark Dristcoll style. May the church out grow this insanity soon. I'm tired of guys like Driscoll turning hearts away from the purity of the gospel.


Gem said...

Thanks for alerting me. First I heard of it. I think you would like this review too, Mara

Mara Reid said...

The blog came up for me and the comments. But the actual review wouldn't come up. Disappointing.