Friday, October 7, 2016

Have Added a New Blog to the List

Yes, I know. Not much activity here. And for good reason. Personal life is all a jumble. Maybe I'll tell you about it sometime.

But for now this blog is mostly a place I put things for safe keeping and for the benefit of others who may come this way.

Today I am adding a new blog to the blog list. It is "Visionary Womanhood" by Natalie, I was directed to her blog by Velour over at TWW through this comment: Link

I would like to highlight these two posts:

To Heal or Not To Heal a Woman's Heart


A Twist on the Good Samaritan

I am highlighting these two posts in particular because they expose the hypocrisy of the church concerning women. They expose how the needs of women do not concern the men in charge. Even though preachers teach on the Bible verses that would tell them to heal the wounded, somehow when it involves a woman married to an abusive man suddenly these verses fall away and the only verses the preachers care about are the submission and God hates divorce verses. These preachers lose sight of the fact that God cares for women and is concerned over their healing.

In combination with these posts I want to throw in an old one of mine.

Manipulating Scripture for Personal Benefit.

And here is a quote from it concerning God's concern for the hearts of women:

It is also about the wounded female heart that many men don't want to see and gloss over as though such a thing doesn't exist. Or if a woman's heart really is wounded, it is somehow the woman's own fault and she just needs to shape up, all the while serving the man with a sweet disposition.

Yes, I've heard messages from preachers about bitter women. I've heard the rebukes and criticisms, and blaming that these senseless preachers freely pour out on already wounded hearts. I've heard about the merciless shaming of pastor's wives who "let themselves go". What do these men know about a woman's heart? Nothing.

They know nothing because they do not care. The heart of a woman is of little value to them. They care about the outward rather than the inward. If the outward is not seemly enough, then let the ridicule fly. If the outward attitude is not sweet, then run her off and call her Jezebel since she is of no use to the man and not worth his trouble.

Thank God, He knows everything about women. Thank God, He cares deeply about every wound. Thank God, He sees past the sometimes prickly self-defenses of a wounded woman and seeks after her heart. He poured Himself out generously to heal and comfort every woman cursed and spoken against by self-righteous preachers, supposed brothers, false shepherds who attack the ewes to garner favor with the rams.

Thank you Natalie for you courage in exposing foolish men who elevate rams over ewes and themselves over everyone.

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Unknown said...

Thanks for your blog and for addressing this issue about how badly women are treated in our churches.