Wednesday, March 20, 2024

How Dare Mark Driscoll

 How dare him for thinking that he is a pastor and teacher

How dare him for using women as props to justify his bad sermons.

How dare him for pornifying the Song of Solomon.

I have two links concerning Driscoll's defense of his "How Dare You" sermons.

One if from Underdog Theology where Dean addresses Mark's defense called "Mark Driscoll Gives 'Reason' He Screamed 'How Dare You!'" Dean doesn't start talking about Driscoll until about 15 minutes in.

The second link is from Wenatchee The Hatchet pointing out several other things, including that this sermon was no where near the level of controversial that Driscoll has displayed in the past:

Mark Driscoll revisits what he says was his most controversial moment in his public career.

Wenatchee makes some good points and brings up history about Mark that we should not forget including his infamous Scotland sermon and other pornifications of The Songs. And his time blogging as William Wallace the second.

How dare you, Mark Driscoll. While you claim to be a defender of women, in reality, you use them just as badly as any other unregenerate man. You are just better at manipulate and gaslighting than your average joe.

Edited 3/23/24 to add:

Mark Driscoll Tries to Justify "How Dare You!" Sermon

Another good one with lots of evidence like Wenatchee's post.

Edited 4/1/24 to add this link because of comments below:

Driscoll's Narcissism on full display

"Mark Driscoll is a brawler" at the 1:55 mark. And also mentions that he got physical with people, choking them, etc. in church during baptisms during Mars Hill days.


Wenatchee the Hatchet said...

A friend from the Mars Hill years who was at the "How dare you!?" sermon mentioned something that has stuck with me. Driscoll got famous for the screaming parts but people didn't talk about the other side, where Driscoll said that jerky men needed to repent but cowards are worthless. The friend said it was almost as if Mark felt (not that he SAID this overtly) that the abusive guys were at least better than the cowards.

For the guy who heard it, and felt he was in that category of "coward" because he had given up on the idea of asking women at Mars Hill out on dates, it felt like Driscoll had consigned him to the "worthless" category. When Driscoll's "bus" quip came along it was bracketed inside a claim that there were soldiers who were gonna take the hill and soldiers who were gonna die on the battlefield. The pile of dead bodies behind the Mars Hill bus could be taken to have, in part, meant the casualties of the ministry moving forward and if guys couldn't cut it you cut them lose.

By contrast, Driscoll has quite a way with his own sob stories when he wants sympathy, sympathies he has not extended to other men in fairly comparable settings. It's the double standards regarding whose trials matter that was part of what led people to reassess Driscoll.

Chaplain M S Evers in WWI who went into the battlefield to drag wounded men back to safety Driscoll is not.

Mara Reid said...


That double standard.

I rolled my eyes so hard back in the day when Driscoll, after throwing rocks, boulders, and full sized buses at everyone else, pleads that people be sympathetic and not throw rocks at him. Like, as you say, he wants sympathy for himself while he is incapable or unwilling to give any.

That's very interesting what your friend brought to light, about how cowards are unredeemable and worthless in Driscoll's delusions of the Gospel.

It's also funny to me as I was thinking recently about something said in a fourth link I added to the above post. The link concerns Driscoll being a brawler which disqualifies him from being a pastor.

And I thought, you know, if Driscoll is a brawler (and I believe he is), he truly is a coward. Because if he were brave, he would go brawl with men who had mind to fight back like boxers and MMA fighters.

But no. He's a brawler in the church where people are taught to turn the other cheek. He is the biggest coward of all.

I see your M S Evers of WWI and I raise you a Desmond Doss of WWII of Hacksaw Ridge fame.