Thursday, December 10, 2009

Personal Study/Journey 2

The second scripture is like the first.

Matthew 23:37c ... How often I wanted to gather your children together , the way a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, and you were unwilling.

Here Jesus is lamenting over Jerusalem. And He speaks more openly of His desire for His people. He desires to gather them to Himself. Yet, here again, we see their unwillingness. It broke His heart.

And again, I can learn a lot from this.
My prayer, after meditating on this verse, might look like this:

"Lord, You longed to gather them. Show me how you want to gather me to Yourself. Forgive my unwillingness. Forgive my distraction and hardness of heart. Forgive my bitterness and resentment. Show me how to be willing to be gathered. I want to be more 'gatherable'."

I don't have to relate this verse and the last one to SOS. But I can.
The Beloved was totally 'gatherable'. When He brought her to His chambers, she was not unwilling. When He brought her to His banqueting table she came freely, no hesitation, no distraction. When He offered her His shade, like an apple tree or the wing of a hen, she sat down and took great delight.

May God help us all to be gatherable to Him.
I know that's what I want.


JaneDoeThreads said...

Hi Mara,

you have Got to read this...I will be editing it later, with scripture references and more depth, I just wrote this, like it poured out this morning,

something I saw...that the Holy Spirit showed me this morning, these things that I have been struggling with within myself...

and it all ties into just about everything, that I couldn't put my finger on, what I saw wrong with so much but also, why I failed so miserably, why I once loved Christ only to turn and become horrid for so many years, that seed of hate germinating...and why, the prison I was in, was really, that belief that God only tolerated my soul...with that belief, I could not really love other souls, etc.

Well, anyway, read confirms, So much, and the Holy Spirit has been using you so much, to reach me, in so many ways....just know this,

I love you sister,


Mara Reid said...
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