Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Personal Study/Journey

My musings on SOS 2:15 is taking longer than I thought.

So instead of abandoning this blog, perhaps writing about other scriptures that are speaking to me now might be nice. So here we go, the first of several.

John 5:39 You search the Scriptures because you think in them you have eternal life; and it is these that bear witness of Me;
Vs 40 and you are unwilling to come to Me, that you might have life.

Jesus spoke this to the Pharisees. He pointed out that the main job of scripture is to bear witness of Him.
Too many people use it for other things like for support for a personal opinion or to gain dominance over another. When they do this, they are using Scripture wrongly.
Scripture is to help us find and understand God. He wants to reveal Himself to us.
I like this scripture and take it to heart because here Jesus is saying that He wants us to come to Him. And it helps me to see that sometimes (more often than what we want to admit) we are unwilling to come to Him. When I meditate and pray with this verse my prayer might go along the lines of...

"Dear God, forgive me for when I'm unwilling to come to you. Forgive me when other things pull me away and distract me so that I'm not in the frame of mind to come to you." etc.

Because the Pharisees are not the only ones who have difficulty in letting their guard down long enough to go to Him. We all have trouble from time to time and it's not wrong to ask God to help us in this area.

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JaneDoeThreads said...

Really good! Yesterday [its been one of those weeks] I was really not wanting to come to God, but its become some what of a habit [good thing] to read the Bible daily, well, that was because of years of rebellion and my spirit was literally starved, for water and bread,

and I have those days where I see in the Spirit, then those days like all that I read--that 'pull' in me, hard to explain, but its like, well, its spiritual warfare that I can't describe, but it is a very real war,

anyway, even in my resistance last night I found myself reading the Word, its funny, after a few minutes, something will change in me, and its like I'm lashing out at God saying, 'well what about this, and what about that', and I can almost see Him saying, 'this child, that child', and then, not always immediately but later, its like I begin to see again,

and it really does, every time, come down to choice, do I go to Jesus or do I remain in myself, rebellion, etc., in the flesh, what have you, and I've been noticing of late how the Word is used often times to pull me away, that I'm sure is the enemy, or that 'reasoning',

Jesus said often, 'why do you reason within yourselves' and I've been thinking on this today. The enemy uses the 'word' to get us to 'reason', and that is when we are very opposed to Christ,

at least, how it is for me. So I''m learning, how to come to Jesus when I don't 'agree' with Him, and praying through, though sometimes this is Very scary, because then I begin to doubt, that maybe I'm not really saved, and just deceived,

because my heart doesn't always concur with the Word, and my life sadly has shown this--I'm still in that repentance, lots of baggage, you know, well, but anyway,

you confirmed yet again, what God was telling me yesterday. LOL, this is a hellish road at times but I am learning...and its really difficult because I do believe, we are in the days of the son of perdition, I am somewhat convinced of that. Why I've been praying a lot about that 'oil', getting that 'oil' for the lamp [10 virgins] because I see that this is so necessary, to continue to 'see' and to 'live in Him'. That and lately, seeing the real dangers of iniquity, what it is and why it cannot be allowed to remain in ourselves or lives. Easier said than done though--this is where a real war is going on, for me that is. So that is what I am praying and seeking God on now, is that iniquity, being crushed and done away with--and me not being a worker of, here begs for discernment, because in our apostate church, iniquity is exactly, what is being portrayed as 'godly'. I am really seeing this, a lot. [not just in others but how I have been deceived for years]