Sunday, February 10, 2013

Gospel Coalition, STOP YOUR BULLYING!!!

(to my regular readers. sorry for all this shouting. but this one really did tick me off.)

Look, dudes (at the gospel coalition). I realize that you believe that you represent the pinnacle of all that is true and right having to do with American Christianity and Christianity in general. But I'm afraid the elevated position that you see yourselves in has deluded you and made you stupid and boorish, dumb beasts, bulls in China shops that believe they are justified in their tramping, shaming, silencing, and dismissing woman who are addressing the very real concerns and injustices that they have experienced at the hands of abusive 'Christian' systems.

You guys just better back off of these wounded women. Not because I have any power to make you hurt for it. I have none. But I'm kind of concerned about what the One who IS in the position to take you to task for your bullying. What will He do to you if you don't back off from perpetuating spiritual abuse in His name?

Elizabeth Esther and other women charged and condemned by bully Gospel Coalition


Donald Johnson said...

The comps have a basic problem just like the slaveholders had. which is that is they are not correct, then the SYSTEM they promote is abusive. This means anyone who points out that slavery/comp doctrine is NOT a blessing from God is a threat and threats cannot be ignored.

Mara Reid said...


But every now and again it is right to call them on the carpet for what everybody else sees and call bullying by it's real name rather than allowing to think they have some corner on the moral high ground.

Hannah said...

They picked up Mary Kassian's 'sex in the city' sunglasses - because 'feminist's' all live this don't you know...and applied it to the article.

When you think about their silly stereotypes about feminist's, and then they point out that Elizabeth is one? They have to fill the stereotype into what she said.

Notice, "Individualism Gone Wild" - or girls gone wise.

Notice the connection?

It's so BC of them (biblically correct similar to PC politically correct).

You can't have this conversation with a feminist. They are always wrong.....

Mara Reid said...

It is the epitome of Black/White, Self-Righteous thinking.
They are so convinced in what they believe to be their infallible understanding of God, the Bible, and the Universe.
They are so convinced that they are right and all who disagree on any level are wrong and are the worst kind of sinner.
Their self-delusion makes them think that they somehow represent God when they really are just a pack of self-important pharisees. They not only walk past the bleeding and dying on the Jericho Road, they add a few blows and kicks themselves.