Thursday, February 14, 2013

How Many Strikes Does Piper Get?

I left this comment over at TWW. I'll link it at the bottom if you want to join the discussion over there and find out why I spelled bitter the way I did. But here it is if you are in a hurry.

You have heard of “3 strikes, you’re out”?
I think Piper is working on strike number, wait, I’ve lost count.
1. He loves Mark Driscoll’s theology. (this is a pretty big strike. in fact, “1 strike your out” kind of applies when it’s this big.
2. He doesn’t allow women to read scripture out loud in the assembly.
3. His contributions as editor and writer of that horrible piece of tripe “RECOVERING BIBLICAL MANHOOD AND WOMANHOOD.”
4. The stupid things he says concerning God’s sovereignty during times of disaster.
5. His abuse and over-use of flowery adjectives to make the b!tter pill of his b!tter gospel more swallowable to poor, unsuspecting souls. (hope it’s okay to use the word b!tter here.)
6. And now, to prove that he isn’t getting soft in his retirement years, he’s going to speak at SGM in support of CJ.
Gee, how many strikes are the referees gonna let him have before he’s out. He should have been out long ago. How can he even still be relevant in the minds of so many.


Estelle said...

Mara, I think with your name, you are entitled to use the word 'bitter' as often and as winsomely ;-) as you like!

Mara Reid said...

I know I can here! LOL!

But over at TWW they have banned the word. I didn't know if my comment would automatically go into moderation over there if I typed it in correctly. So I fudged the spelling to get past that.
I kind of treated it like a swear word.

Estelle said...

I know. I saw your comment there and nearly responded but the conversation had moved on by then. When I saw your post here, I thought I'd tell you direct.

Mara Reid said...

Well, thanks.

A little feedback and encouragement is nice from time to time.