Monday, February 25, 2013

What Is Feminism? What Are Its Waves?

As noted many places besides here, Feminism has become the dirty F-word of the Evangelical world. It has become the scapegoat of all that is wrong with modern society. And there are men and women who are in active witch hunts for that Jezebel, Feminism in order to discredit it and destroy its hold on our culture.

These witch hunters don't get it.
Feminism is not the main thing that is ripping apart American families. Feminism, like everything else, is not all black or all white. It will neither destroy nor save the world. It has good points. It also has bad points. But the point is not to try to destroy it or promote every part of it.
The point is to understand it, recognize where you agree with it and where you disagree with it rather than to just mindlessly declare it evil like Hitler going after the Jews.

Okay, rant over.
Now you can go to the link that talks intelligently about Feminism, it's different waves and what they mean.

The F-Word: Why Feminism Is Not the Enemy

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