Sunday, February 3, 2013

Is It Super Bowl Sunday Again?

My how time flies.

And I won't be watching it again this year. Mostly because the only TV we have access to is Netflix. And, last I heard, Netflix doesn't live stream it. We don't have satellite or cable because of cost and because of how much stupid stuff comes with the plans. Sometimes, when the Olympics comes around, I wish I had Satellite or would get invited to Olympic parties. But nobody has those.

I also won't be watching the Super Bowl because I just don't get into most-to-all professional sports. Too much hoopla and they get paid way, way, too much money.

Now I have two more reasons to turn down invitations to any Super Bowl parties that I might get invited to.

Why I'm Boycotting the Super Bowl


Sex Trafficking and the Super Bowl

(Note: If you can watch the Super Bowl and not be affected by the blatant sexism and can figure out how to do some small part in bringing attention to and stopping the sex-trafficking, go ahead. Like I said, my main reason is that I just can't get into professional sports and all that goes with it. The two links bring attention to a couple of things that goes with the Super Bowl that can change if people stop buying the products, both sex, and what they use sex to sell.)

Another year, another Super Bowl. Around and around we go.

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