Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Jezebel Castration of Men

Catches your attention, doesn't it?

I sure did catch my attention when I saw it in the key word search of my stats.

There is either some vindictive female or scared-to-death male out searching the connection between Jezebel and castration. And somehow it has led them to my blog. Crazy.

It's crazy that anyone would ever search for such a connection. After all, the Jezebel mentioned in Revelation isn't interested in castrating men. She's interested in leading men (and women) into fornication. Last I heard, it's easier to lead uncastrated men into this than the castrated ones.

The crazy things people search.

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Ahab said...

I'm thinking it's one of two things. The search may be referring to a metaphorical castration. Some fundamentalists see Jezebel as having usurped the power of her husband, King Ahab, in the Bible.

Or, it could be a reference to the "demon" Jezebel referenced by New Apostolic Reformation leaders. NAR preachers such as Lou Engle refer to Jezebel as an obstructive demon, so maybe it had something to do with that.